I FINALLY achieved WILD!!! 1st time in my life!

I FINALLY achieved WILD !!!

Okay, big news for today: I finally managed to actually do the WILD technique. It was very very cool.

[note: I had taken a pill (i got cold) that makes you very sleepy]

I woke up at 9 o’clock due to the fact that my mom and her friend were chatting inside the kitchen loudly. The kitchen is right next to my room. I told myself that I had no intention of waking up at 9 o’clock (come on, I am a student), so I gave up waking up.

I had no intention to WILD.

But suddenly, I realise I am in Sleep Paralysis for the first time in my life!!! I felt I was in a void, (still hearing mom and her friend from the kitchen) and I felt that my hands and legs were making strange moves. I was not afraid. I tried to take advandage of that I am like “ok. this is it. now or never. i am going to wait here patiently, and wait for an LD”. I was in this trance for like 25 seconds, which is a lot of time, but suddenly, I felt a huge bolt passing through my body for 1/10 of the second, and that moment I said “I’m in the dreamland, i guess.”. However, it was still dark. So I said: “I wish to be in a [color=blue]beautiful green forest”

BAM. I find my self F-U-L-L-Y lucid in my bedroom. Being sure that nothing will make me lose my lucidity (true), i checked it. Amazingly, it was just like the reality. I found a piece of paper in my desk. I could read it. It said “Welcome to the dreamland, Alex!”. Behind the letters, there was a picture of the woods I wanted to go to before…[/color]

Note: lately when an ld starts, i find notes saying ‘alex welcome to the dreamland’. Should I worry?

[color=blue]After that, I start heading towards the door of the house. The house was exactly like IRL. I went through the kitchen, and mom had not 1 friend, but 5… I am at the door of the house. I say to myself: “When I open this door, behind it there is Lucid Crossroads”. I open the door, but Lucid Crosroads was nothing like in their website. It was a typical working room, grey, with the 2 blue fellows who, by the way, didn’t feel like talking to me. No one else was there.

I see a door. It is a hotel. I say “wow. a hotel. let’s explore what my mind will create…”. It was a haunted hotel, so it was kinda cool. I get into the elevator which was same as the Titanics, and I felt so lucky to be able to touch and feel these ebonys and golds…[/color]

Note: Stelios is a boy I was in love with 2 years ago

[color=blue]At some floor, a voice told me “this floor represents Stelio’s soul.” I enter the floor, and it was a store full of sweets and candies. Probably represents his good soul. Suddenly, I realise that I wanted to see him. (haven’t seen him since 2003). So I magically paint a frame in one of the store’s walls, and I will a picture of him to appear…

Unfortunately, a picture of him full of blood appeared, with some parts of his face skin dismembered. After that, a second picture appeared -worse- that had his whole head decapitated. I started SCREAMING inside my LD. I was so afraid, but even though I knew I could control this (fully lucid), I was frozen by fear!

A guy (DC) that has been following me through all my LD journey was reading a book he found in this floor that I “knew” it was the book of life (future and past) of Stelios. After my screams, he said “Oh my GOOOOOOOD.” (but not in a funny manner. in a desperate way.)

He fainted. And I was so scared that I urged myself to wake up…[/color]

Note: A friend of mine who tells fortune, like I do, said that there is a murder inside Stelio’s house in the next few years…

Alex C

Hey Alex, that dream sounded great! :happy: congratulations!

yes LDs can sometimes be very very real, no way to know you’re dreaming (almost no way :wink: ). And those welcome cards sound really cool :smile: I don’t think it’s something to be worried about, maybe they also work as dreamsigns that trigger lucidity.

groovy, i’ve been trying WILD for a while now, congrats man and keep it going:)

Dark Sider, I think the fact that I woke up instantly after the LD made me remember it more vividly. If it had continued as an ND or no-dream sleep, it may have been different.

The good thing is that I remember this journey as an experience, not as a dream!

Alex C

Arroj Alex congrats on yer WILD :content:

Too bad about that scary part =/. Im sure theres a better way but whenever im in a similar situation I use magic :content: Shield yerself from nastys and then blast everything around you… It sometimes results in waking up but could also end in a new dreamscape… works for me anyway and its fun too :wink:

Well, WILD = good

Note = cool (See? I always say you can read in dreams :smile:)

Pictures of boy = freaky

Congrats! :content: I’ve been lucid dreaming for two years now and I still haven’t acieved WILD. Sounds really cool though. Of course, there were long periods of time during those 2 years where I didn’t even care for LDing…

That’s awesome. and yeah when I have LD’s I always try to wake myself up right after the LD. It always works. at least as far as I remeber! and when you are scared of something, what I tend to do when I want my dream to change is spin in a complete circle and close my dream eyes, and fall backwards to the floor. usually, if it worked correctly, as soon as you hit the ground you should be either have a false awekening and be in a bed, or be standing somewhere else. This never seems to fail for me.


I think i have also had only 1, or few WILD-s so far and the best results for me are coming from SP. One WILD what i remember i kept going through many SP-s, and the final SP was probably dream SP (i felt in my dream that my body is paralyzed). It´s when i finally succeeded to enter into LD.

But if you think that it might be prediction what you say in this dream, i suggest you to be careful about that. If you can, contact your friend and tell him about the dream. Some dreams (in this case unfortunately) may become reality one day and i really hope that this time something prevents it, or it happens to be “just a dream and nothing more”.

He probably only had that part in there because a freind a predicted a murder in the house. And that’s not saying that either the boy’s prediction was right, or that it’ll be the boy from the dream who is killed.

But, if you wish to, you can tell him (if you see him). who knows, it may help :/.

I got a LD too once when I was woken up by people talking. I just didn’t move at all but since I couldn’t fall asleep because of the voices I managed to WILD after a while :cool: And that’s also how I found my own clock WILD tech :grin: But lately I’ve realised that it should be a bit more loud because I usually just fall asleep now :cry:

What kind of medicine did you take again and where can i get some?? :grin: