I finally DID it!!!

I am so excited! At last! I just had my first lucid dream after my childhood! The whole day I was saying to everyone that I was sure that last night i would have a lucid dream. What happened?
Well, I was in a house, similar again to the house that i had in my childhood and there was a sort of gathering. I started to meet everyone and then I started to talk to a friend of mine that i havent talked to him for years (and maybe never will again) and then I said to my self out loud. Wait a minute! It’s impossible! How am i talking to him? The only way is if i were dreaming! And I said… HOLY SHIT! I AM DREAMING! I felt so excited! I started to feel the vibrations of my body and then I said ok alex, calm down, or else you gonna lose the game. So I continued talking to him so I can prove that I AM dreaming. I started asking him. “What are you doing here?” “You know this is a dream?” “Do you remember that we haven’t see ourselves for years?” He didn’t answer any of the questions and he seemed surprised by the questions. And I said “HA! I knew it!” Oh well it is not worth keep talking to him so I explored my dream. And then I saw that the lounge was full of grown ups, 35-55 years old. And then I said, ok lets make them all smart, all scientists, the best in the world. I went to the middle and started talking to them “Tonight we are here to explore and solve the mystery of lucid dreaming, I want everyone from you to lucid dream and explore” I sat on the sofa, and fell asleep as the others did. But that meant losing my lucidity… oh well, next time!
Cool eh? Should I put this post to the “your first LD dream” topic?

Well done :happy:. Shame you lost lucidity though. But, for the record, you shouldn’t got to sleep in a lucid. Pedro, for example, used it as a way to wake himself up when he thought he’d had enough.

Clarification: It will not kill you. You may end up losing lucidity, waking up or getting an FA.

Hehe that’s a great first LD!! Congrats! :thumbs:

Keep up the good work :wink:

Ha! I am not the only one cursed with dull DCs then!

But congratulations. I too have just recently had my first (and second) LD. Both were very similar to yours. Good luck!

Congrats on having a Lucid Dream!
You know making all the people scientists is a good idea,I’ll have to try that.

Thank you all guys!, but I think as my dream progressed I was slowly losing slowly my lucidity, because at the end I could have changed the scenery again, right?