I finally had a really good LD but had a few problem's

Ok so last night I had my first real LD I’ve had 3 LD’s before but they was only like 20 seconds long. But I’ll tell you all whats wrong. Whenever I was trying to give out commands in this LD I could no pronounce some of the words. Like when I say Demand It was like this Arg-Argh-Argh-mand kinda like that but it took me maybe 10 seconds to pronounce it in my dream. Another weird thing was I could feel my RL mouth and throat. My mouth felt very numb and it felt like when I talked in my dream it felt like only right part of my mouth was moving. And It was just hard to pronouce things. I was also scared because I thought I was saying things in Real life too because I asked my dad and he said he heard me talking. One last thing. Whenever I moved it felt like, like I was not moving. But I’ll tell you my LD too since we got all the important things said.

I must have looked at my hands and became lucid or looked at my cousins face.  Thats when I became lucid.  In slow motion it seemed like everything had gotten so vivid it was unbelievable.  But right when that happened Justin just had underwear on.  I did not like that so I said.  Justin I demand you to go away!  He had gone away he had gone through this door from a building.  I felt like I was the most powerful thing in the universe.  I then decided to Conjure up my only love...  the girl I loved.  But I dont think she loves me.  I then said I would like to spawn Jenna.  Then on the ground was words spelling "Jenna"  I must have did it wrong.  I then walked over somewhere else and said I would like to spawn Jenna.  But this time I said her last name.  Then it spawned up with a random person then flickered through thousands and thousands of other people trying to find the person.  But indeed it did not find her still.  It was just another random person.  After that I had lost consciousness because I  did not tell myself I was LDing.

Anyways through t the entire LD I had I had trouble with pronouncing words and I felt my mouth was numb and throat in real life.

Anyone have any tips for me?

I think that your doubt that you feel your real mouth and throat “killed” your control over dream. Sometimes even the little doubt no matter about what can reflect on the dream control…

Don’t worry about saying things in waking life, because even if something comes out mostly someone won’t understand and if someone does understand you can always say that you were dreaming :tongue: .

But don’t worry about it. When you are in a dream focus on those things. Say to yourself that you are in a dream and that your “real” body is in a bed, asleep, paralyzed and not able to move… And say that to yourself with believe and then all the struggle will be gone…

Good luck!

This happened to me for 10 minutes ago, only i could feel my whole body in my bed. The LD I had was a medium level of lucidity. But the dream was so unstable at almost all times. The good thing was that i could extend it by touching my hands. Or spinning. I once also woke up but i didn’t move or anything so i got back in the dream.