i finally had my first (5 min) lucid dream! and on accident!

hehe i finally had my first lucid dream. and it was 5 minutes long it seemed! it seemed like the dream was going on forever…i think this is how i became VERY lucid

I was spending the night at my aunties house and i fell asleep at 11:30 with the t.v on very high volume. I woke up at 3:13 to turn down the volume. i stood awake for a little bit to take off all my jewlery and put my pj’s on. Then around 7 o clock i went and turned off the t.v. Then i had my first lucid dream!

Does it seem like i accidently did a WBTB?

and the cool thing is i didnt have to do an RC to realize im dreaming!
I realized i was dreaming when i was walking up bus steps. Then i went down the bus steps to school and i spun around and rubbed my hands together furiously. then i was VERY lucid. and the whole time i spent flying and finding famous people lol. it was a long dream.

IM SO EXCITED …and i did an accidental WBTB so WBTB’s work good

just thought i would share my success! :cool_laugh:


:happy: Great Blackeyeliner1…your secret must be using that ultra lucid eyeliner no 1 :cool: before sleeping!

Congrats…also great it was 5 min long :tongue:


good job! 5 mins is great too :grin: hope you have good luck in the future, maybe I should try out this WBTB tecnique :content:

Congratulations :grin: I haven’t been too successful with WBTB, but… Well, reading about lucidity + WBTB is a good combination. I’ve gone lucid from that once or twice.

5 minutes is great, that must’ve been awesome! Congrats again!


Congrats! And may many more be in your near future.

Most of my lds came from me realizing I was dreaming without an RC. If I become a little conscious during my dream, then I can spot the wierd stuff right away anyways! Yeah, I guess it was an accidental WBTB. I can’t believe you stayed up for 4 hours in the middle of the night watching TV, though. :eek:

yay for you !^^
But, this bother me. I speak in broken english, but please, learn grammar. It is by accident, not on. ^
^ but common mistake, and I am just very anal person. ^^ but congratulation!^^

I’m not attacking you or anything, but…

yay for you !^^
But, this botherS me. I speak in broken english, but please, learn grammar. It is by accident, not on. ^
^ But IT IS A common mistake, and I am just A very anal person. ^^ but congratulationS!^^

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what you mean My base belong to you?

All your bases are belong to us I hear from friend of mine once. What do that mean anyway?

And what about “|D33|2 |/|| |337 $|<33|$”? I hear that from him too. Have you understand that?

Would be much appreciated to tell. yes yes. :slight_smile:

“All your base are belong to us”
It’s a quote from some movie/TV show, not sure which. It was translated from Japanese poorly, so instead of “All of your base belongs to us”, it came out “All your base are belong to us.”

At least, that’s how I think it is.
We’re getting a bit off-topic…

thanx for all your support!! :cool_laugh: I was excited so i decided to post my success. :wink:

Keep using that lucid blackeyeliner no1 :grin:


hey good one hehe :cool_laugh: