I found some Melitonin in my dreams and other sleep drugs...

This is straight from my journal from yesterday night (April 11th, 2004):

I found some bag with sleeping aids. It had normal sleeping pills and even white powdered Melitonin even labeled as Melitonin. The bag was black and I saw pills were yellow (they were the sleeping pills), and the Melitonin was in a small small clear plastic zip lock bag (only 2 square inches in surface area). I was excited to find these drugs as I thought I might have a lucid dream from them. Yet, I was already dreaming! :tongue:

Now, aint that the most darndest thing?

Funnier… I was on the radio and I was giving “shout outs” to all the crazy cats on LD4ALL. HAHAHA

Definitely a dream.

I used to find bags of drugs too, but not like that. Id always find lots of blow, and Id do lines in my dream to see if id get all pumped up, I did but I think it was all in my head. And for some reason whenever I smoke some weed in dreams its always a brown paste…ahhh well, it does the job anyway :tongue:

i went to the drug store in a dream and saw that dxm cough gels were being sold in big paint cans so i grabbed 1 and ran. I remember nothing after that

lol stealing cough medicine? even in a dream that seems lame.

A few nights ago I remember taking something. Not exactly sure what it was, it looked like some kind of big pill. But when I took it, it made me instantly blind, and I had to yell out to my friends to carry me into the house. Scary stuff.