I found something intersting

OK who here is fermilar with Pink floyd album “The Division bell”? Well on that album there was a enigma to be solved. Read here for details… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Publius_Enigma
As far as I know it was never solved, but with the Pulse album I think it has something to do with our evolution. I saw something today that blew my mind. Look at this cropcircle… Allso notice the guitar strings. youtube.com/watch?v=cx-DRXI1 … re=related
Now you saw the face right… Now look at the Division bell cover… youtube.com/watch?v=UuO04PJnsjM&feature=fvsr
Allso the song “High hopes” was in a movie called 11:11

Now on a somewhat unrelated, but yet related note I just had a huge awakning 37 years in the making. Ill share it with you if you want. Its something ive been on, and off with, but today it hit me like a brick. Ill just say this. Im no longer afraid.

Now check out this quote… Where he says something about creating crop circles…

Q: Who is Publius Enigma, what is the meaning of it all, and what is the treasure to be had?
A: (Uncle Custard) As the Infamous Q has emphasized, ‘you humans are so limited’. This is a project for all those out there with higher IQ’s, it does require a mastery of diverse languages, along with a lot of spare time. Now get with it…the lights were brighter, the meaning is worn inside out, the bell has tolled and the surrogate band is coming back to life. The answer lies, non-linearly, within the paradox of the theme of The Division Bell – communication breakdown. (Hint: Watch the Learning to Fly video!) It may also involve an anomaly in the time-space continuum. There is an obvious solution and you do not need to be a Floyd historian to figure it out! Winners will receive official entry into the Mensa Society and some dry ice to cool down all those neural pathways in your brain. It is important to note that neither I nor anyone involved with this zine will enter into any correspondence on this topic. It’s a puzzle for you, devised by the one who loves you enough to drive you mad. Besides, I’m much too busy creating crop circles and executing think-tank projects for the Pentagon

I dont know man. Theres some weird things going on lattley. This whole thing with wekieleaks is a reflection of the revelations we will soon learn. Something big is going to happen trust me. Now read about the 11:11, and synchronicity in the Wikipida link I posted, and think about 2012. Does any of this rais an eye brow as we aproach 2011? Come on now believe in the magic. I just cant believe nobody on youtube is seeing the “Division bell” conection.

Thats some weird stuff right there but you know better live life the fullest while we still can

I am a very openminded person and believe in a lot of things, including natural crop circles, but this for me is to much.
Yes I do believe in the existance of the enigma. But as far as I can see it is a publicity stunt by the record company to boost interest in the album. Mind you a bloody good one, and exactly in the style of Pink Floyd (you need a band like that for this kind of stuf, imagine them doing that with Justin Bieber…). And I do believe in the fact that there is a solution and that there is a reward, but there is nothing mystical about that.
Then the crop circles. Again I believe in the existance of natural formed crop circles but I also know for a fact that there are people making them. And this defenitely looks like a man-made one, and with all the references to PT I’m sure the reason they did it was somehow connected to him, though I didn’t see a face myself.
And I’m sorry Kava, but Uncle Custard (a name made up to sound like ‘uncool car stud’) clearly was being sarcastic in an attempt to end the answer in a humorous mood, causing the reader to doubt the reliability of the entire article, a very succesfull attempt is you ask me.

So I see these all as very succesfull riddles and pranks, but I don’t see a connection nor anything supernatural.

Yea I was embarrased after posting this. I tend to jump the gun when I get excited, and not put too much thought in such post.

No worries, I actually found some pretty interesting stuff after following your links so I should thank you

Intersting you just posted your 111 post.

was bound to at some point… guess that shit just happens