I give up...

It’s been already weeks of trying…
My mind is messed up… I can’t do it anymore…
I give up Lucid dreaming, all it’s doing is making me try hard then leave me upset the next day. It’s been days (or a week) since I had a normal dream that i could actually remember… all this is just making me upset. I was still going to try for a few more days but no more… anyway cya guys…

Well, there’s your problem. You gave up. If you give up, then you essentially say to yourself “I can’t do it.” That is a lie. Anyone can have a lucid dream, if you say you can’t, all that happens is your subconscious stops trying. Get motivated, try different methods, try affirmations, chant to yourself “I AM a lucid dreamer!”, anything to get you out of the mindset of can’t. Giving up is the worst thing you can do, because if you attempt any technique, you won’t actually try.

Oh, stop complaining.

I haven’t had a real LD in months.

Everyone dreams, so don’t give up.

Maybe you just need to relax, rather than try harder.

I know that when I’m stressed my dreams are distorted and fragmented, so maybe you’re putting too much pressure on yourself?
I know you really want to become lucid, so you’re rushing ahead trying to find the right way, but it sounds like your body is telling you to slow down.

Take a break.

Get some exercise and fresh air, eat healthy food and try not to push yourself.

Pretty much Unseen_Eye said it, If you keep telling yourself you can’t, you won’t have a lucid dream. Don’t give up, just relax, try not wanting it too much, but still think of it from time to time, just bit by bit your subconscious will recognize your desire for lucid dreaming.

Since the first time I heard that lucid dreaming could be actually achieved (a skill in other words, and this was here in LD4ALL), it took more than a year for me to actually have just a few seconds of lucidity. During that year I also ‘‘gave up’’, but I still wanted it so much, and even if I stopped trying, my desire was growing in my subconscious. I decided to try once more and It took a few months from then to have a the LD I just told you about, which was like month and a half ago. I’ve had two LD’s so far, and I must say the feeling is great, plus I’ve learned to value my normal dreams as well.

And you say you’ve just tried a few weeks, give me a break.

Also, I’m not sure if I’m surprised by your LD Goal. ‘‘Getting my normal sleep back’’? Unless you’ve been attempting WILDS or WBTBs I don’t see how your ‘‘normal sleep’’ has been taken away, you must be doing something wrong then.

Never tell you it’s not gonna happen. Your subconscious will pick up on that and you’re just setting yourself up for failure that way.

If you’re getting frustrated, take a step back. Don’t bother with lucid dreaming for a while. Just focus on remembering your dreams a bit more. It took me a long time to have my first LD. Sometimes it just takes long. Keep in mind:

  • Remembering dreams should be a fun and pleasant experience.
  • Becoming a lucid dreamer takes practice. It’s a skill you need to develop. No one plays guitar like Slash or Chet Atkins after just a little bit of practice.

If at any point you’re really getting frustrated, just take a break. There’s no rush when it comes to lucid dreaming. If you practice it properly, you will learn how to do it in time.

Well, sir you are just plain missing out.

Don’t give up! :cheer: Like everyone else said if you have in your mind a defeatist attitude that you’re never going to be able to do it then you won’t have any success. Try taking a step back and just going to sleep normally for a while without worrying about trying to get lucid. Who knows, maybe you’ll get some spontaneous success!

You will get there! Even if it take some time.

Actually, what I would suggest in this situation is to give up.
But not to give up from lucid dreaming. Give up from trying hard and getting frustrated by your failures.

You need to rest from it a bit.
You just might get your first LD like that. I know how it feels…that’s how I got my first LD, and that’s how my friend got his first LD.

Besides, a few weeks is not a long time at all.
There is no way to determine when you will get your first LD, but by giving up, possibly never.

Cmon! Ive been trying for about two years and ime still trying. Just keep it up you will get it! Remember, when in doubt, try binaural beats.

I found I was trying to hard, took a break from trying. And low and behold, a brief moment of realizing I was dreaming. I found that mine come when I least expect it, but don’t give up hope completely.

And I agree with the others, a few weeks isn’t that long at all. Lucid dreaming may not come to you right away, but it will eventually.