I give up

I give up

I am not able to Remember/Recall Any of my Dreams

My DJ is Empty and lying in one corner .

It’s as if I don’t Dream at All .

So I simply give up

Y’know? I am currently in the same situation as you. But one advice I’ve heard when I was in a hard situation was to never give up. I don’t know how much you’ve been going through, but it’ll always come back to you. Even tho I didn’t have a lucid dream in like 4 month and that I’m in a period when I can’t even remember my dreams, I still manage some weeks ago to get some interresting experiences. If I were you, I would simply take a week or two to relax and then come back. I personnaly think it would be too bad to entirely stop, but if you really want to stop, it’s your choice.

Thanks for your Reply…
I’ll take rest for some time…