I got an idea about "Waking life" movie

Next time I LD, Im going to go into the movie, and talk with some of the characters, I just dont know which ones i want to talk to first… maybie Bill wise, or the guy who is talking about Lucid dreaming. Or the “alien looking kid” who would you talk with?

i’d talk to that really pretty red headed girl.

i’d talk to the ‘god moment’ guy. i thought that was the simplest and most easily understood part of the movie…though the guy with the beer and the badges had a lot of cool tips and ideas about dreams and reality. he’d be my second character choice. although his voice annoyed me quite a bit.

cool idea man. i wish i could control my lucid dreams. ive only had 2 and they were realy low level. i would like to talk to the guy who was saying that were all gears in the system of life or our actions could be diferent. that would be awsome.

the holy moment one was prety cool how it fades into the cloud at the end. that gives me an idea. if anyone want to try and become a cloud in a lucid dream. they amaze me. how they just float there undisturbed by anything. sorry i got a bit off topic. yeah thats about it

“The On-going WOW, is happening right NOW!”

Man, that’s a wicked idea. Good luck with that. I’ve watched Waking Life a few times, but it has never induced any dreaming for me at all! I’d love to be in that surreal painted world. I think i would talk to the old philosopher guy who talks of the neo-human evolution. What a trip.