I got it the third try, need some answers to my confusion :)

Hi, I live in Norway and I’m 16 years old.

I’ve always been fascinated by the few times I become aware that I’m in a dream… But I always woke up right after, because I thought, Wake up and I did… Everytime. But those days I didn’t know what lucid dreaming was.

Three days ago or so, my friend told me about lucid dreaming, cause we were discussing how hash makes your dreams seem incredibly real.

I read some about lucid dreaming right here at this site, didn’t totally get it. But I tried the first night… I didn’t even remember my dream(s). Then I read some more the day after, about how I should make a dream journal. So the next night, I smoked some hash in hope for getting better dreams. Didn’t work, I just remembered some pieces I couldn’t put together. Next night (these three days of trial seemed like forever, cause I only smoke once a week or less, but I smoked every three days that I tried lucid dreaming out, and hash makes time go slow), I had smoked hash the morning instead of night… So I was just a little burnt out at night, I read about stuff on this page… (I didn’t like the wake up after six hours thing at that point). Then I saw a film on my computer, and went to sleep. I slept and woke up, slept and woke up, alot of times. I only remember two actual dreams at that point, but they were not lucid ones. Then it was 10 am. And I was so dissapointed, cause I knew I wouldnt sleep again after that, I usually even wake up at 9 am or earlier. Then I accidently fell asleep again, and I woke up in my bed, thinking It was real life. I heard some strange noises in my head, which were pretty low. Then I looked at one of my Iron Maiden posters, and looked away, and looked at it again, then it changed… I was like - ‘‘Ok…’’. I was in doubt. I stood infront of my mirror in my boxers, and I imagined some cool clothes on, and it worked after a few tries… It was like… right on… Then I went up the stairs, to find my dad smiling like hell, and it scared me a little, I had a condom in my hand, and I asked my dad who I should fu**… (this shocked me when I woke up). Then I went out the door, and was about to do what I was looking forward to… FLYING for the first time. I tried to just fly of the ground, but it didnt work. You see, we live above our garage, so the garage is one floor under the house, so I collected som guts, and ran towards the ledge and jumped off it. It gave me super boost and I was shot in to the sky… It made me so happy I wanted to cry, then I woke up.

Did I wake up because I was so exited, or because the dream was over? I need to know how long a lucid dream can last… It seemed like 2 minutes… And it totally dissapointed me, but I’ve read that excitement makes you snap out of a dream.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the information on your site… It came in really handy, and it worked the third night of trial.

I also got one other question: It takes a loooong time for me to fall asleep. So if I do the wake up after six hours and read about lucid stuff for an hour or at least till I’m fully awake, and then go to sleep again… I think that I wont fall a sleep again. It’s like, If I’m fully awake, It will be like in the afternoon, and I can’t take naps even though I’m tired on the afternoons, I have to sleep only at nights and in a special pattern - Not be awake when I sleep, I have to be totally foggy minded and tired.

Thanks so much for everything…

I’ll answer you’re first question…

It does indeed sound like the excietment woke you up. However, seeing as your new, even two minutes is quite long.

LD’s generally get longer by themselves. There are also a number of technique to help you staberlise 'em. The two most famous ones are:

  • Rubbing your hands together
  • Spinning around on the spot

Do them whenever you fear you may wake up. Also, try doing them as soon as you become lucid for a quick boost.

There are other ways to keep yourself in a dream, and some people (such as myself) devise their own ways of doing it.

I’ll take a shot at your second question then… :content: you’re talking about the WBTB method. when I use WBTB, I generally don’t try to make myself wide-awake. I’ll stay up for 5-10 minutes and read about LDing, then go back to sleep. this way my mind is still pretty much in sleep mode and it’s easier to fall asleep and slip right into a dream. if you stay up for a long time, your mind is going to adjust to being awake and it’s going to take longer to get back to sleep. this has been my experience. so maybe next time try staying up for less time; with WBTB you should be awake enough to be thinking pretty clearly, but I don’t see why you’d have to be up for more than 15 minutes.

Thanks you guys… Helpes alot… It’s just that, now I have something to look forward to everytime I’m gonna sleep, It’s not just sleeping (boring).

Well, for anyone else viewing this thread, if you have time, just pop in a few tips for a newbie.

I actually tried spinning around I think, that’s the problem, I don’t remember what happened, but I know that in some point, I did spin… It’s just so confusing…

Oh, and one of my friends that sort of got me in to this, told me that having sex in dreams totally kicks ass, is that true? I don’t remember feeling horny or anything…