I got lucid 2 times today, and one time yesterday.

I don’t know what this technique is called, but maybe you guys know? When I’m waking up in the morning I don’t open my eyes. Ok, maybe one, or two times, but I try not to. And then I start thinking if a dream I want to have. Soon I realize that I slowly loose the control, and I realize I’m dreaming. I do a RC, to be sure, and yes I’m dreaming. So I am now lucid, but sometimes it’s still hard to control everything. Example: I wanted to go to my school by going through the wall, but when I went through it, and I came in to my room again. I tried again, but the same thing happened, so I told myself that when I go through that wall, I’ll come to my school. But instead of my school, I came to a scary school, where I saw vampires.
So, does this technique have a name?

Well, it sounds like WILD but it may also be DEILD… I don’t know for sure…

Now that I read about it, it sounds like DEILD. Thanks :smile:

interesting… best way to stay in control is by not thinking about the possibility of not being in control… hope that makes sense.

Definitely a DEILD.
It seems to be a very reliable technique for a lot of people, by the way.

Did I get this right, the best way to stay in control is to… Think you’ve got control?

I think custoskeeper’s point is partly that you should relax and stay focused during a lucid dream - if you get too caught up in something you may get into a “flow” kind of state and forget about yourself, which could make you lose lucidity.

DEILD. That’s one of the best techniques, in my opinion. I have had lots of success with it, and it’s fun :happy:. It has the same principle as WILD, but it is significantly shorter, since you are half-asleep at the start already.

I always lose lucidity when I see a family member. The first time I was lucid in a dream (I didn’t know what LD’s were) I saw girls driving motorcycles, and first I doubted, but then poof I knew I was dreaming and I started driving one myself. It was actually fun, but then I saw my sister out of nowhere and I lost lucidity. This time, the same thing happened, I was in ny parents bedroom and my brother comes in, and I thought it was real him, so I went out of the bedroom, so he wouldn’t think I was crazy, and tried to do some stuff.
Why do this happen?

your not telling yourself that your lucid enough… i find the best way to stay lucid is to repeatedly tell myself im lucid. if you forget your lucid because of a distraction such as your brother. you will not remember your sleeping and will drift off into dreamland. sometimes confronting the dream character helps. tell him your dreaming. you get some wierd reactions that will deff let you know your dreaming. sometimes they freak out though… stay focused. if i even think the word “lucid” while sleeping i become lucid. good luck! :smile: