I had a dream that was like no other.

I wont retell the whole dream, but I heard someone say this “Hell doesn’t exist” At that moment, there was a giant flash, and I seemed to be in a room that was white and black at the same time. It was very loud, and I could sence something swooshing all around me. I began to think that this wasn’t even a dream , and something supernatural was actually happening to me.
My whole body felt tingly, then my eyes opened.
Its the most powerful dream I ever had, and the hardest to explain. It didn’t even feel like a dream nor reality.

I still get chills everytime I think about it. :scared:

:wow: it’s a shame you can’t put all the sensations and feelings etc down. sometimes it’s so difficult to relate the full feeling of a dream to others. it sounds pretty sensational though :eek:

Maybe that was the devil punishing you for thinking hell didn’t exist! :razz:

Just kidding. It sounds like a very interesting dream, though. I wonder, was it the wind swooshing around you or something else? Occasionally I get dreams where the wind is blowing very strongly around me, and I love them. The stronger and more stormy the wind, the better the dream.

I think I know what you mean when you say it didn’t feel like either a dream or reality, because that’s the feeling I got when I had my first lucid dream. It felt physically real enough for reality, but there was that underlying feeling of it being false - was that it? Or am I totally going in the wrong direction?

That… sounded like some twisted reality you can see in movies. :bored:

Tell us more of your dream if you wish. Maybe we can interpret the events of your dream. :smile:

Well… Maybe I’m just saying crap, but something like that happens to me sometimes.

I’m into meditation, and my mind’s constantly thinking in yin-yang terms. When I’m doing my meditation, or, more commonly, simply when I’m letting my thoughts run free, sometimes I get to a deep conclusion.
I’m not sure how to explain the feeling. It’s like if, for a second, nothing exists - and then I feel a deep realization - “I can die now”, was one of the best I had,

It was really strange at the begining, but now I’m more used to it. It feels like it’s something sooo obvious, but which I never thought because my mind already working on top of so many paradigms.

The reason I posted it, is that maybe it’s the same kind of feeling. “Hell doesn’t exists” - sounds like something I’d think at those moments. And the black and white color, would be the yin and the yang for me.
Well, it’s actually something too personal to say we had the same experience, but maybe it can help you to analize it anyway.

(Goddamit! Its sooo late and sooo difficult to write in a decent english!)

I might be mistaken but I think what happened to you sounds a little like sleep paralysis.

Sounds intresting, but makes sense that you cant use words to describe what you felt, your dream is beyond words… Dreams are good at putting images to feelings, but I believe that the dreamer has to interpret the images, as they were created by yourself, and no one knows yourself better then you do.

I dont know… does anyone agree with that?

Armed Scissor,
I’ve read a book from Aldous Huxley that says at a given moment that living is something lonely at the principle - there is simply no way you can describe anything to anybody, because it’s never going to be the way YOU experience it - maybe what’s red for me is blue for you, and if it’s, we’d never know!
But as far as it goes, we constructed a very nice international community despite all of that, and some way cool and incredible things community-wise. This forum is an example of it.

The reason I’m saying that is because you’re profoundly right in what you said, but if you apply it to everyday life (and there’s no reason why you couldn’t), you’d deny all we have, because it’s all based in communication.
It being this way, everybody should be encouraged to open themselves to outside opinions. The only thing you have to take care of is to only accept those that feel right to you. As you can find it in the own ld4all website:

Share your dreams with others
Get their input. Again, do not accept friends’ interpretations unless they feel right to you, giving you an “aha!” feeling of recognition.

Well yea, its just a community based on imperfections, our wanting to connect so we made words that convey feeling, when that is not possible…

Sure its all based on communication (ill have to ponder this) but i dont like words being the main outlet of this.

Anymore “powerful” dreams Jack Rabbit?