I had a really great LD last night

Well a couple months ago i was totaly into LDing, but then i stopped because i wasn’t getting that good of results and i figured all this work wasn’t worth it. Since then i have had 1 or 2 really short lds. Well, last night, without trying at all, i had a REALLY long LD. I honestly don’t remember all of it anymore, because i went back to sleep after thinking about how cool it was for a couple minutes, and now i don’t remember all of it :blush: . But basically, i was in a shopping mall with some friends, and most of the dream i was learning how to do the “force push” (as in Star Wars). I couldn’t seem to do it, so i made believe there was a shop behind me that was about learning to do the force push, and sure enough, when i turned around, THERE IT WAS! So i asked the guy how to do it, and he started reading out of a book, and i don’t remember what he said, but it didn’t help, so i tried again on a stack of blackish boxes in the middle of the room, AND THEY MOVED! they didn’t fly accross the room or anything, but they moved! Another time i remember i needed an ice pack for some reason (don’t remember that), and i made believe there was a store with them behind me, and i turned around, and what was there before was now a China Panda restraunt for some reason, but i asked, and they had ice packs! yay! then i also tried to make a fan appear on the floor behind me, but i couldn’t do it. I seem to have trouble with making objects appear and the “force push,” although i’m getting the push to work now!!! I also had a separate LD last night where i was in on my porch, and i tried to force push a metal chair. Well, it didn’t work, maybe it was too heavy. I was able to lift it up though with “the force” (i don’t seem to have trouble doing that at all, just pushing). So, WOHOO! :cool_laugh: I thought that was pretty cool that i had the longest and most lucid lucid dream ever when i haven’t even been trying! Just though i’d share that with you all, give any comments you’d like to.

Hi Kenry52 :content:

Wow what GreAt experiences u have in your dreams!! MAking things apper that u want, turning around and seeing things that u wanted to be there! That great! Not too many ppl can do this in their dreams! Wow! KOoL! This just proves that U r the boss of your dream and Only U can make anything u wnat happen! Its funny i Was just replying to a post about this couple of minutes ago LOl.

Well i think u have a great talent in your dreams(and IRl as well im sure). Do u ever incubate things b4 going to sleep? Im curious if u do and if it works 4 u!!! …plz reply back to answer this :wink:

Great dreams BTW…very interesting and nice! Good job on your DR :slight_smile: