I had a super vivid ND !

It as short : I woke up from the alarm clock , my blanket fell on the floor , I pulled her and got back to sleep.
this is a FA but so vivid !!! I’m using the program Brain Bullet , its really good and helps !

Good to see someone other is using subliminals to their advantage ^^
For the FA, i would reccomend doing a RC every time you don’t wake up in the usual manner, that is being still, in the position you went to bed in.
I once had a FA in which I had woken up with my arms lifted, in the same position as the Lucid moment just before, but you can’t wake up that way after a dream because of SP :tongue: so, next time something happens besides waking up, do a RC; the vividness means you are participating deeply, thus it will be easy to remember to do it next time. ^^

Great! thanks :smile:
Anyway this program is really good! I recommend you.

I’ve been using a sub program myself for weeks, and with phrases I constructed because I wanted them in italian (went more torwards the whole LL thing with them, tho) :wink:

If works for you then great :smile:

I do RC every time i wake up. Telling yourself “Do RC when you wake up strange” is kinda like “Do RC when you dream” or “Do RC when something is different”. Better to do it every time you wake up :smile: