I had my first LD...i think

Well Im ot sure…I was in my room and my tv was showing something about how to make a jeep into a plane. Then i was like “WTF?..this isnt right” I looked at my watch it read 8:00…I waited and looked again it read 4:00…I was like “YES!!” I stood up began to walk around. It felt like i was awake and I almost coudnt wait to wake and and write down that i did it. I was thinking of going outside to fly but then I awoke…to find that i was late for school and some girl (who i never saw before) was driving me to school…then I awoke again. (this time I was really awake)

But did I really have a LD? I want to walk through the wall and go outside but it didnt work?..was my mind making it up to calm me down?..anyways it was wild and i cant wait to do it again… :smile:

Awesome! First Ld’s are always great. . .
Anyway, I theorize the reason people spontaniously have false awakenings during an ld as you did, is because they become worried about getting up to late, or they just worry they might accidentally wake themselves up, or you think your waking up, so eventually: you just dream you woke up and do your normal stuff in the false awakening (or really abstract things, which still seem normal).
The way to stop this anoying thing from happening, is to learn to control your thoughts during the dream, this is also essential for controlling your current dream, learn to focus, meditation can help. You could try zen, or just make up some form of meditation, the point is to clear your mind and not think about anything for as long as you can.

Good luck. . .

You are kinda special. You had a lucid dream and a false awakning at the same time. by the sound of it you had a ld.

well good luck on more lds to come.im still waiting for my 5th lucid dream its been 2-5 days

Nice Going Unforgiven-Killer

Welcome to the club!

Congratulations… you’ll never look at sleeping or dreaming the same way again!

Once you’ve had a taste of lucidity… it changes you and your perception of life.

May your journey begin…


your right about that Clairity…i cant wait to sleep (for a change). I mean what i did was normal everday thing…just wlaking around my room…but i was dreaming and i had some control over it…my friends didnt really understand…lol

Now my main problem will be calming myslef down for tonight to sleep…im excited so i cant sleep…

Well done on having your first ld :smile: I can’t wait until I experience my next one (it’s been a while :frowning: ).

Can anyone tell me if false awakenings are related to lds?

I had some really vivid dreams last night including one super-realistic false awakening. When I finally did wake up, I had to do a reality check just to see that it wasn’t another false awakening. :confused: This seems to have a similar level of vividness as lds but just not the ‘hey, I’m dreaming’ bit. It also happened to me after about 6 hours of sleeping.

Unfortunately, I noted down my dreams and fell back into a deep unconscious sleep - I really have been living up to my name recently :smile: