I had my first LD! Too bad I wasn't very lucid..

Yep, I had my first LD last night, but I wasn’t very lucid, I couldn’t do anything special.

I was dreaming, while something (I can’t remember what) made me think that I might be dreaming, so I checked.

I looked at my hand… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, wait, what? 7 fingers? I must be dreaming then!

I somehow wasn’t really convinced, so I tried breathing through my nose while pinching it closed. I could!

That was when I was sure that I was dreaming. I got out of my bed (I was in it in my dream) and tried doing stuff.

I tried:

  • Conjuring something, it didn’t work
  • Flying, nothing happened
  • Creating lightning from hand to hand, it also didn’t happen.

After that I realised that I didn’t have a high lucidity level or something, it could happen, right? Isn’t it normal during your first LD?

It felt kinda weird when I woke up after that. I didn’t really believe it, it felt like a regular dream, but again, that might be because I wasn’t very lucid.

After all, I’m happy that this happened. I don’t know about you guys, but I count this as a lucid dream. Even if it turns out to be nothing but a regular dream (which I don’t believe, I was in control), at least now I feel like I can do it, which is great.

Maybe you dreampt about Lucid dreaming.

Just a thought but anyways Congrats

If you were in control you msut have been lucid, so congrats to you. Regarding not succeeding with dream powers, Yes it’s normal, In my first I tried jumping to see if I’d get stuck in the air, but instead I landed without feeling it.

I’m not sure, I think I was in control, but it’s been almost a day ago and my memory isn’t that good.

Gefeliciteerd :mrgreen_hat:

It isn’t unusual that your first LD isn’t from a high lucidity level. It can happen to any lucid dream, and often it happens to first lucid dreams. I don’t think it will turn out to be a regular dream, since you clearly say that you realised you were dreaming. You could try to read some dreams about having better dream control. I don’t have any links to dream control topics, but I do have one to . learning how to fly.

Now you had your first Lucid Dream, more a likely to come. Good luck :content:

same thing happend on my first LD. I tryed to fly no, try to go trough walls no… And then it felt like a normal dream but i know it wasnent

I thought it didn’t matter if you were or were not in control of the dreams, as long as you knew you were in a dream is what makes it a LD.
Congrats anyway.

[EDIT]P.S if you are having trouble flying, next time in a LD Jump off a high building and tell yourself you will fly, that should do it.
But if it doesn’t work never mind, I’m still waiting for My first LD.

NO NO NO people!!! :eek:

Lucid Dreaming means that you KNOW it is a dream, it does not matter whether you have control!!! LD=Knowing it’s a dream. Yes, you did have a LD. :content:

haha, at least you got to experience getting out of bed… for me I had two lds in a row, my first being one of those where I was in a pitch black room and couldn’t do anything so i just woke myself up, then the second was weird i was just talking to a DC which lasted for moments… then I fell into sleep again.

Goodjob on this it’s a good sign you’ll get better.