I had my first LD!

I got interest about LD 6 months ago when i found some sites and this great LD4ALL !! First i would like to thanx all the dreamers that help me with so many post giveming tips to achive this wonderfull expirience, i know that i finally open a big door in my mind and i am ready to explore it!!!
After many false LD, waking ups and others… yestarday i got to sleep and during my dream i realized that i was dreaming!! i was so happy that i forgot to try so many things, but that´s ok! In my dream i found two old friends and tried to tell them that this was a dream but they couldn´t understend me!! It was very extrange!! Other thing that happend was that when i tried to fly i only could do big and long jumps, but not flying. Also when i tried to run i started to go slower than walkinkg(the running thing happends to me in many dreams all my life, not only yestarday). It was a great expirience and i´m waitting for more!
Something i realized it is that when i expend many days smoking tabaco/maryhuana and drinking alcahool i don´t get many dreams, but the day after staying clean(no drugs) i have very strong dreams, and this is what happend yesterday! Was the first day with a healty food and no drugs after 10 days of party(new years´eve week)!!!
I have two questions for the more expirience.
These friends i found in my dream, are really them or it´s only my mind?? can i try to wake them up in the dream???
And if i find someone that already died?? and i try to wake him up, showing that this is other reality?
Someone know what it´s about my dificult to run and fly in my dreams?
If i have other LD it´s posible to find like some spirt/travel guide during my journey?? how?
Thanx for everything people, sorry about my english and a GREAT 2005!!!

Congrats on your LD. Isn’t it great.

Anywho in regards to your questions…

the friends in your dreams are definitly in your mind. Dreams are something that your mind creates so your friends are just mimicing what you think they are really like.

About the flying… of course its going to be hard to do at first. i have had many lucid dreams and still do not have the art of flying down. i heard it described before like this:

you have to slowly start breaking down the barriers set up in your mind from waking life before you can open the doors to new dream world possibilities. For instance, how , in a dream, do you expect to be able to walk through a wall and not fall through the floor?!

it all comes with experience, practice, and time.

Thanx!!! i think i´m so exited and trying to do evrything!! hehehe!! will take slowly from now on!!

Hi Naturalseeker, welcome to the forums and congrats on your 1st LD!

Flying is as difficult as you make it, if you think is is as easy as walking you will be doing it in no time. Thinking it is hard will keep progress back.

If you want to find a dreamguide, just set your intention to find one and speak to it. If this is just a DC or perhaps more then that, you will have to discover for yourself.

Good luck!

Well done :smile:. You remind me of me after my first LD :wink:.

Thanx people!
Let´s see the next dreams and LD! i really don´t think to be flying like a rocket the first time. The thing that i realy get courioso it´s about the dificul to run in my dreams(many years) and also in my first LD! and if this have a connection with the flying dificult.

You find running difficult because you expect it to be difficult due to those ND’s.

Get rid of that presumption and remind yourself that you can run as fast as real life… faster than real life. You can run as fast as you wish too.