I had this very strange dream last night...

I am a little bit :confused: right now… I dreamt I was on a holiday with my family, father mother sister and me, and we were at a nice house very near a shore. Well, we were having a nice time… Then we had to pack. And the house where we were staying at was just like our own house, only the location was different and it was far more luxurious… it had silk things on the tables and satin drobes… Very white and pink, classy. Everything was going just right, until we went into the last night there… Everyone wanted to pack the day we left, but I had already put everything together. It started to storm outside, in a very bad way. The water was about to flood our back garden, the shore was not really wild, but in a very strange position. Kind of like how it looks in a glass of water when you shake it. So, I was worried, my mom too… I started looking out of the window to look at the dangering water and I saw a car explodding on the water. it was like the water was frozen and the car was touching the water with his nose. Very strange. And then suddenly I saw a man, moving towards our house. He was very tall and had short blond hair with curles in it. He wore a black, leathery jacket that came about to his butt. He enetered our house and he showed me a device which he used to set things to fire, and he left the house. So, I tried to wake up my sister, but I couldn’t find here. There was a older woman coming out of here room. I wanted to grab the car keys and drive away with my sister in it, but I was so disrganised that didn’t even work. I was running around the house. Then suddenly I was upstairs, after I had heared him entering the house again. I heared him speak to my motheras they were climbing the stairs. he was about to kill her he said. And then I heared my mother saying she said that day she didn’t want to loose her head… But that was just about to happen she said in a laughing way. Very strange. The came upstairs and they went into my parents bedroom, which is opposite mine. I stood in my bedroom hearing what happened and my sister, the woman(she is just six years old, but in my dream she was about 30), came out of her room and I was trying to make up en excuse to get downstairs. At the same time I grabbed a breadknife and my cellphone that were lying on my bed. And then I heared the man saying he had my parents done and he came to me. I looked at him, straight in his eyes, and in that state I woke up…
So, I am a little bit dazzled by all this. If I had known how to turn this into a lucid dream it wouldn’t have been this scary perhaps. I could have done something… During the dream it looked so real, but also unreal. Hard to explain really.
That is all I have to say about it for now. Sorry I type so much, in real life I also talk too much… :wiske: Sometimes though… Not all the time.
Ok, I’ll talk to you later…

Nightmares are common and are funnily enough, the easiest way to become lucid. Even people who have never heard of LD’s often get lucid from them.

Unfortunatly though, you can’t simply choose when to become lucid. so, unless you ahd taken a RC or whatever, the dream would have carried on and you were have been just as terrified.

This make a good learing point: always take RC when you feel an extreme emotion (especailly fear).

Thanks for the read, and hope that helped :grin:.

ive gotten to where i enjoy nightmares. as long as i wake from them.
they usually involve falling for long distances, or standing on ledges thousands of feet off the ground.
These often send me lucid, or cause a sudden wakeup, because the feeling of falling through the air is so real. the rush of the wind, the knot in the stomach, etc.
The best is not waking, the best is flying away from the danger.
ive been chased before many times, and the best escape is to simply rise about twenty feet off the ground, and confront your pursuer.