I hate summer....

The reason I’m not a fan of summer is because
of all the noise where I live(the outskirts of New York City) makes WBTB almost impossible.
There is nonstop lawn mowing,and other landscaping noise,
kids screaming in pools,riding razer scooters and dirt bikes ,dogs barking,people having construction
done on their houses, etc.
It never ends!
Well,it ends in the winter.:yes:

Ear plugins make wonders sometimes :sleeping:

Well, if you actually had a real winter like here, then you would be waken up by snow plowers, tractors and all that at fuc*ing 4am in the morning. Which is way worse than being waken up by a couple of lawnmowers now and then.

This tractor has nearly made me go completly crazy on more than one occassion… It happens often that it comes everynight for a week, and then runs past my window plowing snow for atleast 2 hours straight.