I hate summer....

If summer were a man, I would beat his ass with a baseball bat. Its hot sticky, long days, short nights. I cant wait till fall gets hear. The only think I do like about summer are thunderstorms.

Hmm, agreed. I’m not a big fan of summer. The heat tends to give me headaches.

Hotlanta… is where I am. I can certainly feel your pain and eagerness to beat someone down for this heat. The humidity makes me such an unpleasant person.

Fall is my favorite season too :content:

You know usually I would say the same but this summer for some reason the heat seems to be making things more fun…I don’t know how to explain it…just more things to do… more men…more places to go…Maybe it just cause I’m not loading up on work hours this summer and have a lot less drama to deal with than usual…but I’m enjoying myself :cool: …Course I live in Ma so it’s not as hot as where you guys are at :tongue:

Same here. Sleeping is horrifying. I’d stay up all the time. The only thing I do like about summer are bikinis.

I have more hopes on the second part of July when i go to different trips. Atm indoors it’s crazy enough for me too, and outdoors the hot sun is not nice either. Besides i got pain in my back due to that right now: i’m swetting inside and i probably happened to be near air-conditioner with my back, so it make it hurt.

Sorry to hear that Cyrus hope it feels better.

The Nameless One, typical guy response on your second half there

It has been near hell for a week now. Today it’s 30 celsius in and out. Even wind is as hot as in Sahhara. In next days it can rise to 32 as they say. No hope for rain, nor for less hot in following days :cry:

Try living here for a few years then, and i would be sure you would change your mind quickly. The below freezing temps last from october to may and snow season might last from october to may as well… And then you have the summer months june, july and beginning of august… On a better than average summer you have around 16c average temp… and we also have an average of 16-22 raindays a month and the most rainy months are the summer and fall months while the early spring is most dry. And the so called summerlike temps fall in mid of august, so it is a very short summer indeed. if you can even call it a summer.

The temps in winter can get down to -20c and in december you are lucky if you see the sun at all, as it is only 3 degrees above horizon at highest.

I am fuc*ing sick and tired of rain, cold, ice and snow. And now i know that there is only month left until temps drop for good… :X


Anyway, it’s quite cool here, it’s been raining this week. Mwahaha!

meh, you weird folk… if summer feels too hot and annoing come to finland at winter, no sun and -20-30c all day long >.<

I dislike summer as well, when annoying relatives come over, all my clothing is too hot, I stay home and don’t move for two months. We used to not have any airconditioning (but we did have a fan). Still too hot though, I haven’t seen a pool IRL in over 3yrs.

Germany isn’t that bad, but I am with the northern folks :wink:

“Suuummertiiiiiiiime, and the weather is easy…”

I like summer. I like fall also, in fact, I like any season.

I prefer summer as cold weather makes my muscles ache from hunching up my shoulders too much and my skin feel like it’s being pricked all over with needles. I also hate getting up early even more if it’s cold. :sad:

Oh tell me about it. I have breathing problems, so when it’s really hot the air is thinner it like murder for me.

And I hate been hot and sticky if i didn’t do something to cause it

Actually i live in north (in Estonia, southern neighbour of Finland) and we get pretty cold winters here also. But somehow i’m more able to bear cold temperature, than hot. This does not mean that i hate summer (i probably love it more than winter), but i would appreciate normal temperature that leaves some room for breathing and thinking :tongue:

Bath is slowly baking. No air conditioning at home or work. Can’t believe I came downstairs this morning and found it to be a ‘cool’ 25 (78F) degrees inside. Can’t say I am looking forward to nearly two hours of exercise dressed in my gi and tshirt this evening in a badly ventilated hall :lmao:

You know what I hate about summer though! If I have to watch Spongebob (no offense Q!) The Fairly Odd parents or Jimmy Neutron one more time I’m gonna kill myself!

Well, I like the climate here in Belgium. Very moderate, not too extreme like Scandinavia or Southern Europe. Maybe a little more snow would be nice :wink: Some people claim it rains too much here, but I use the bike every day going to work and I have only been wet two times since november.