I have a block!

I used to find comfort in my own head! I loved dreaming but now that I’m consiously trying to be lucid its like I have a block. My dreams were always vivid enough to right a book about and I would have moments of lucidity, (or at least thats what I’m getting from all the info here) Now I can’t even remember dreaming! :help: I miss my dreams!

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Most of the time, such problems are temporary. Don’t try to hard.

I agree with Basilus West. You might be trying too hard which is having a negative effect on your dreams.

Everyone experiences dry spells like this from time to time. Most of the time they do not last long. Perhaps you should forget about lucid dreaming and just work on dream recall(dream journal) and doing reality checks. Do that for a week and then see what happens.

Right now I have the following blocks;

LD block
Decent Non-School Dream block
Sleep Block (sleep too much now!)
Writer’s block
Math block
(why?) I’m starting to feel a bit irratated from all these blocks, it feels though they might go away soon…I hope.

Yeah, everyone has blocks, the trick is to let yourself have a break and don’t try to hard.
I remember way back in the day, I used to have trouble with lucid dreaming sometimes. I’d try a whole month and nothing would happen, then I’d give it a break for a week, and BAM! I’d have a nice lucid dream :smile:

i was in the same situation and i didnt know what was happenning and why i could not remember any dream whole week.

At the end of this week (some people here helped me realise that it’s going to end soon) this dry spell ended with LD and everything was back to normal. So dont warry and sleep calm.

Just try improving your DR (again?).

  • At night, repeat the mantra, ‘I will remember my dreams’ in your head helps. It can also be used along side MILD (‘I will remember my dreams, I will be aware I’m dreaming’).

  • Keep a DJ. Try putting more effort into it if you already do.

  • WBTB to also helps (and only have to ake up a couple of seconds when using it for improving DR).

I have also found that returning to the basics i.e. working on dream recall, doing RC’s, getting proper sleep can help end a dry spell. Some times our lives can get so hectic that we don’t put forth that little bit of effort to practice lucid dreaming. A big one is not keeping and studying your dream journal. I have found that many of my dry spells occurred because I got lazy with my DJ.

Anyway the good news is that no matter what the cause the dry spells do end.