I have a plan...

I haven’t even had a LD yet, or if I did, it hardly was one, but I was thinking what do I want to do when I have one? When I was younger I had a recouring nightmare that would scare me to death. The Nightmare was a monster lifted up a giant warehouse and was trying to throw it at me, but I ran away and it hit my dad. When I have a LD I want to go back to that nightmare and somehow defeat that monster that is trying to kill me. Does anybody think this will work? :plotting: :dark: :ding:

Lucid Quest? Fantastic. Makes for a story to tell your offspring. :tongue:

At the end, make sure you recieve a power or something, and record it in your DJ. This is what LDing is all about. Work your way up to Deity status, one fallen beast at a time.