I have a question..

Can anybody tell me the best, and easiest way for a person who…
~ Takes a while to fall asleep
~ Actually goes " To Bed " Anywhere from 12 - 3 in the morning

I want to know everything
eg: Which technique to use, what position to fall asleep in, Everything… Oh, and I need help LD’ing By the way

Thanks. :help: :confused: :wallhit: :shrug:

Moved to Quest because it is a general question for help :cool:

lol u sound like me the only way ive ever gotten it is the thing where you go to sleep (on my stomach for me but probly wutever is more comfortable) then you get completly relaxed and close your eyes after that its ez. for me i just count (in my head) 1 im going to sleep 2 im going into a dream and stuff like that do it in rythem and ur body will fall asleep starting at your feet going up to your head (you will reconize the fealing) the most difficult part for me was right b4 i fell asleep i couldnt feal my body and i couldnt move wich made me freak out and i woke up but ive done it b4 and thats the only way ive been able to do it (ive had about 1 min of an LD and ive been doing this for 4 days)

To be honest, Bonaparte1812, the time that you go to sleep has absolutely no impact on your lucidity. As long as you can get 6+ hours of sleep, you’re very much well qualified.

What sleep position? The most comfortable position you can find. Despite what many claim, you don’t need to be on your back or in some awkward position to lucid dream. No matter what position you’re in, you will enter SP (consciously or not) and you will have dreams. So, whatever you want!

For the techniques bit, that’s the deciding part. You have to just look around and see what fits you. If you don’t mind my suggesting, I highly recommend checking out a software I made at the beginning of the year. It’s basically a two week conditional course that not only familiarizes you with several techniques, but it also provides an exceptional amount of lucidity. You can read more about it (infinity) and download it at the link below:

[url][software] Infinity - PDF Available]

If you’re not up for that, then I suggest you just starting out slow. Try to get into the mindset of performing RC’s in a routine based fashion. I also recommend checking out using the Hand Technique prior to sleeping (used in infinity as well). If you have no idea what or how to do this, I have an online technique library over at my site. Click here and then click on “Techniques” on the navbar.

Hopefully some or all of that helped!

Thanks guys, big help. I like the WILD technique; i always get things to work the first times, but after that i cant do it anymore.

It’s soo frustrating. (Oh, and the first time i got it, i didn’t sleep at all to begin with) so i don’t know why everybody claims that you have to sleep for six hours first. I know its because of the Rapid Eye Movement thing but i guess it just makes it easier.