I have a theory...

I am new to this whole LD thing, only having 2, so this might not work for all people. I like to draw when I go to bed. I started to fall asleep with the pencil in my hand. I didn’t feel the pencil leave my hand but the pencil wasn’t there. I realized I was dreaming then woke up.

Is this some form of a __ILD or is it something new. I would like to see if this works again tonight.

I guess hold a pencil in your hand, if you realize the pencil isn’t there, you’re dreaming (or you dropped it without noticing)

I also did a reality check every now and then but I do that even when I don’t draw.

I get your point. I use to fall asleep with a book on my chest or holding it, in my dreams I can feel it but it’s not there.

It’s kind of a weird feeling.

Edit: No wait, I read your thing totally wrong, I thought you used to feel the pencil when you were sleeping.

It worked, but I woke up. I can realize I’m dreaming but I don’t reach lucidity. I either keep dreaming or wake up

If you realize that you are dreaming then you reached some sort or lucidty just not very high level. Anyway, it seems like it could work. Keep trying.

HA! I had that happen to me when I had my first (intentional) LD!

I was playing phoenix wright ace attorney on my nintendo DS, with the sound up, and I fell asleep and had an LD. At first, I didn’t hear it, but then I had an FA, and I heard it! The funny thing is that in my FA I woke up with the DS in my hand and my parents kept shouting “TURN THAT DOWN ROWDY!” and I was trying too but it didn’t work, and I was like “Oh, that’s because I’m LD’ing lolz”.

It was pretty funny.

Edit: By DS i mean the game system, not “dream sign” lol!

Lucidity is knowing you are dreaming. Nothing more, nothing less. Control and anything else is a bonus of being consciously aware.

I suppose you could call it OILD - Object Initiated LD. That said, becareful with sharp pencils, if you end up having a bad dream you could end up stabbing yourself with it.

Lol, that would suck. Anyway, keep us updated. This seems like an interesting technique

Aww, you have DS? DSes are cool.

I will try that tonight…or tommorow…or…

Sorry I have been gone for a while, I can still only realize I’m dreaming but not actually gain control of the dream but right now I’m working on Infinity and will still try it after Infinity and probably Paradiso.

I actually think this belongs under the lab discussion or lab experiments section.

this is cool, I’m gonna try this tonight!

I woke up with the pen in my hand, but I couldn’t remember any dreams!! I will try again. Hey, do we have to concentrate on the feeling of holding the pen/pencil as we fall asleep? Or just fall asleep holding the pen/pencil?

i usually fall asleep drawing (which ends up screwing it up)so i concentrate on my hand and pencil movements so i guess i would try concentrating on the pencil

gargh, it didn’t work again and I woke up without the pen in my hand. I had dropped it. I had a pretty cool dream though, involving hoverboards and stuff.

It sounds like an interesting technique you have here - I like to think that we each must find our own unique path to lucidity (much like a type of martial arts I practice) there are the basic techniques which all must learn, but in the end we may all add our own flare or individual extravagence.
Ooooh… deep and meaningful?? :tongue:

yay Snape is back!

Yah, tending more towards ‘Lurkism’ these days :content: