I have an idea.

I’m sure a few people have already brought up this idea before me, but i just thought of it today. So the main reason we write in DJ with pen and paper, is because our brain remembers stuff we write down better than typing right? What if you wrote down your Mantra/RC/Ways to get lucid, throughout the day. Cause it is actually being put into your brain.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

For me, writing or typing makes no difference. I have a Dream Journal application on my iPod, which I type in every morning when I recall a dream. I’ve been doing it for about a week now, and my dream recall has significantly improved to the point where I have about 3 to 4 dreams before my brain decides no more.

I’ll try typing my techniques, and see if it works! :happy:

I think there’s no difference before writing on paper and typing - you could also draw, paint or record on dictaphone, or use whatever you like. It doesn’t matter which of the foregoing techniques you will choose to keep your DJ, because the main idea of keeping DJ is to improve dreams memory, so you could look for DS and remember LD if you had ones.
When you woke up in the morning and don’t write/type/draw/paint/record/etc. your dreams there’s a big chance that you will forget them after some time or during the day and it could be very hard to recall these dreams without specific association (like e.g. you had a dream with plane, and when you see a plane IRL you have this click: “oh I had a dream about plane”). But if you do anything to put your memory onto some kind of carrier (paper, tape, hard drive, phone, iPod, blahblah) it will give you advantage: 1) an event in your mind, in which you know that you had the proof of your dream and you remember what you wrote/painted/drawn etc.; 2) even if you forget your dream, which happens, you could just easily look into your DJ and you will recall everything just by single look, even if you look only on the title :smile:

To the other part of post: wrote down RC or mantra? Can you explain it more? :smile:
Do you mean that during the day you will wrote down “I’m in the dream. I know I’m in the dream. I will do RC now to be sure I’m a dream” or sth like this? If yes, yep, this could be a way to gain lucidity, but it’s almost the same like performing normal RC’s or doing LL. You should try, maybe if you a writer this would be a very good way for you to have an LD :smile:

I kinda see what you mean. Like the more you do something about it the more it burns into your mind so you’ll think about it more or something. :write:? (( <— do you get it the way you write that is 2 of : and then write)) well i what i do thoe is just write an A on the back of each of my hands and I do three RC s everytime i notice it then eventually it’ll be in my dreams after about 4-5 days of doing it.

Hope this helps some way.

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