I have completed my first goal

One of my main aims I need help with is walking through walls. Thus far I have been unable to do it. Can people give me a picture of the feeling and thoughts that should be going through my mind as I do it.

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Try to think, the wall isnt there as you take a step foward, and close your eyes. If that doesnt work, you’ll just hit the wall :content: But i think you have to belive your doing it, to make it happen. Kinda of like the Matirx. (I believe Neo!) :gni:

I felt the texture of the wall… amazing imagination of the mind…

I think your best bet is to not think of the wall at all. If you focus on the wall, even if you’re trying to focus on your ability to pass through it, your mind is more likely to provide the familiar wall properties of hardness and unpassthroughability.

These days when I walk through walls or doors my mind is on my destination, I’m thinking of the next room rather than how I’m going to get there. This way you’re treating the barrier as being unworthy of consideration instead of making a big deal out of the whole thing.

Badcandlejack - quite right - in my case I was thinking of going through the wall to fly out…

Wel you still have to see it or atleast think of it(knowing its there), otherwise your just walking through nothing. :eek:

I would suggest running really quickly towards the wall, if possible flying turwards it. And believe that it isn’t there.

I think not thinking of the wall at all is an excellent idea. When you go through doors in your NDs/LDs, do you remember pressing at the handle with your hand, opening the door and going through? I sure don’t, I’ll just walk right through it, because I kind of forget there is a door there. Try to forget that the wall was there in the first place…

In my experience, the key is to do it extremely slowly. If I ever need to pass through anything, I just press against it for a few seconds, and eventually I’ll ‘sink’ into the object. It feels pretty weird, and usually the object or wall remains carved out afterward in my shape – but it works. Doing anything fast in an LD isn’t advised.

I overcame this problem last night in a ld by going through a wall. When I first tried to pass through, I just hit the wall as I would in RL. What I did, was concentrated really hard on my intent to go through the wall and I passed through. Just like anything else in dreamland, you just have to believe that you can do it.

The method that worked for me is just to press against it and keep pressing and eventualy your hands will sink through and everything else will follow. I used to just attribute this to my short attention span (i.e My mind couldn’t focus on the wall being there longer than I could sit in the position of pressing against it.)
The only problem I have with walking through walls is that despit walking into the wall, you will not necesarily walk out on the other side of the wall you entered. it has dumped me in the middle of the ocean, in such a way that I can’t do anything (can’t fly from water, nothing to walk through anything to teleport somewhere, no activity anywhere around, just more water).
The other thing is I often found that after walking through a wall that the dream would start to fade out and, as I was stuck in the middle of a wall, the spinning or touching didn’t seem to work. The other dirty trick my wall has pulled on me is that instead of walking out the otherside.

I run. I run so fast that if the wall is still solid it would cause me severe injury. That always works. Or, I could jam my hand through really fast and the rest of me will go nice and easy. Yeah, that’s it. Try to get just one part in and the rest of you may just follow.


That’s basically my technique too, if you can call it that… Very slowly and it was like a reality check too.

Atheist: Same here :smile:.

Actually, I put my hand through the wall to stabilize my dreams.
The feeling would be best described as…funny. It’s like ants would be crawling all over you and you also fell some sort of pressure. It’s nice :smile:.

I managed to get through a wall in a ND when travling and looking at the person chasing me, I went through the wall. But that was ages ago. I’ll try to sink through. The hand jabbing didn’t work, I hert my fingers as a jabbed them.

I tried swinging at a wall on a rope from the sky. It slowed on approach to the wall and the dream ended.

In my ND, it felt like a tingly ant feeling not only on my skin but througout my whole body.

Has anybody ever seen one of those Stargate episodes. I wondered what that would be like to go through?!

Uh, what’s so funny Chico? I don’t get it… :eh: Vague idea of something sexual but that cant be it.

Oh technodreamer: Good job hurting your fingers. Now do it faster. :wink:
Belliievve in it. Ok just try the easing it in thing. Slow but effective for more people. This morning I reached into a mirror (easily… just stuck the hand through…) and pulled out some clotheshangers :confused:

Clotheshangers eh? Now all you need is to pull out some clothes and a rack to hang your hangers on and you’re good to go. :gni:


YAY, I have completed my first goal. I became really Lucid, longest dream I ever had. (It was RCILD)

-Anyway, I had this problem where I went mental or automaticly did stuff without me choosing. I got passed that, and finally got control.

-I managed to put my left thumb to the other side of my hand.

-I learned that if I focus on light or touch in my dream I can stay Lucid, better than if I spin.

-I punched the wall, the wall dented into the shape of my hand and melted around it, I dragged my fist down to created a line, and then the rest fo me just walks straight through the wall, even though the gap I made with my fist isn’t big enough.

-How to show nightmare charecters who’s boss.

-I think I started to fly (accidently), I’m starting to get the gist of flying.

-I have those touch panel light switches in my bedroom, if I touch it in a dream nothing happens, but if I hold my hand on it (in the dream) the light grows brighter and dimmer (like in RL). Weird.

So all together a great success, with many thngs learnt, and the longest and most vivid LD I’ve had. I almost achieved WILD but found it hard because I had nothing to focus on in the “black void”.

Thanks for everyones help.

Typical I double posted.