i have made enemies with my alarm clock.

so, i am aware that dream recall is a pretty big part of lucid dreaming. the problem is, the school year started back in september, and now i have to wake up at 6 am every morning. and i cannot do that without an alarm.

i very quickly became aware of a pattern: i’d remember my dreams if i woke up without an alarm, (on weekends) but i would never remember any if i woke up with one. (weekdays)
i guess the frantic race to shut the alarm off overrides the immediate recall, and i lose it forever.

so, this is my problem. does anybody have any ideas as to what should be done? can just remembering dreams on the weekends be enough dream recall to do me any good? is there a way i can have a better chance of remembering my weekday dreams, even with the alarm blaring in my ears?

Try using a different alarm tone, something more soothing or natural, or one of those alarm apps or whatever that gradually increases in volume until you wake up. Might want to set it a little early until you get around when it wakes you up, though.

Remembering dreams on weekends is clearly not enough. If you want to have LDs, I think it’s better better to recall your dreams every morning. You should try the “half filled glass” method to recall your dreams. I tried it when I began and it worked most of the time :smile: !

What is the “half filled glass” method?

Binaural beats work for me as a alarm ((since it sounds like a low beep :wiske: )).

i am also interested in learning what the half-filled method is!

and shy, that actually may be my ticket. i swear by binaural beats. if i can just find the tone that wakes me up not-so-jarringly (24 Hz???) it just might do it for me.

now i just gotta figure out how to get it onto my ipod…

EDIT 10/14 6AM: hey! last night i set my alarm as the most peaceful, calming song in my playlist, and this morning i woke up to it without frantically trying to shut it off. so i totally remembered my dream!
so if anyone else is having this issue in the future, i recommend setting a very peaceful song (or a binaural beat! haven’t tried it yet, so i can’t vouch) as your alarm.