I have questions..

Greatings to all…some of you may have seen in the chat room (or not) anyways I have some questions I wish to ask:

  1. Just as I am about to sleep I jump as if something hit me or I heard something…I didnt hear or feal nothing I just jumped…is this ok?

  2. Im not to sure on how to explain this but during some dreams, I seem to have dreamed it before…like Im redreaming a dream I drempted before :content: …what is this?

  3. Is it ok to be dreaming about death?..because I either die alot or see people get killed…or Im being chased…odd…and sometimes dumb.

Well thats all I have for now…later

  1. It happens to me sometimes, usually with a falling feeling in my tummy. I’d only consider it a problem if it keeps you awake every night.

  2. It’s called a recurring dream. If there’s one particular dream that keeps coming back, you might be able to use it as a cue to induce lucidity. It could also be something important that your dreams want you to pay attention to. If you can’t remember having actually dreamt it, like a feeling of Deja Vu, it’s possible that you had a similar dream that was forgotten.

  3. It may be okay, and might make a good dreamsign too. If you’re a rabid psycho serial killer in your dreams, that’s probably not good. If it upsets you, that’s not good either. Dreams can be caused by things that you do or see during the day, so if you spend a lot of time with violent films or television, that could be the reason it happens.

i have thoughs ALL THE TIME. Yeah usually it’s a sense of deja vu, it feels like i’ve done it before, damn i wish i could remember every dream i have every night.

This is normal. It happens to me sometimes and to almost everbody I know :smile:

Like you dreamed about it before, but forgot it?
I had this last night: There was this hatch in my house. Beneath it was a stairway to hell. I wanted to take a look, but first I needed to count the stairs. I also had to go up again :wink: I lost count at 100 or so, because I couldn’t see the stairs through the flames. But I knew I had been there before…
I guess I have dreamed about the hatch before. I have had this with more dream-places.

I guess it is okay. I have been killed in my dreams and I am still very alive :wink:

Sometimes in my dreams, I recognizes settings and people from dreams from a long time ago that I had completely forgotten in waking life(from before I started writing down my dreams). But it is not the same dream again, this time it is a new dream. It seems like our brains can remember more things in our dreams than in waking life, in some way…

Yeah, I’ve had experience of deja vu in dreams. Sometimes i’m sure that I can remember a dream within a dream (without realising i’m dreaming in the first place). Sometimes, after waking, I’m convinced that my mind made up the fact that I dreamt of something before.

Does that make sense!? I think I’m very sleeepy… :sleeping:

ahh thanks for the responses. Its odd how when i wake up and about 3 mins after being awake how i remember my dreams so detailed…then within 20 mins…i forget them or they seem vague…maybe a i should keep a better dream diary…

I want to practice LD more like trying that counting trick or something similair to it…but recently Ive been having a hell of a time falling a sleep…and thinking of counting wouldnt help to much…anyone else have any problems?

heh i’m lazy about my dream journal, i usually wait until i go to bed that night to write my dreams down.

I try to write down some notes immediately after waking up. Even in the middle of the night! :smile:

If I wait too long a lot of the details are gone…

Later on the day I take the notes I made and write it all in my online dream journal.

Weird detail:
If I go to the toilet after waking up, I always remember some extra details of my dreams. Seems peeing works like a real trigger for me. :wink:

HAHAHA yes same here! if i go to pee it also helps me trigger details in dreams, or remembering dreams. very strange.

3 I redream too–Have the same dream or nightmare more times
But i found out with LD i can beat the beast

it feels great

I find I also have fake memories of dreams. What I mean - I’ve never had that dream before (or one like) yet I act as if I have (I know what’s going to come next).

This has only ever happened in nightmares (which actually makes them worse - it’s even scarier if you know that going down into the caves will mean that you’re going to have to face zombies, but can’t prevent it because everyone is forcing you too).