I have reached a new stage

I have just realized im at a new stage of thinking of understanding things. no its not enlightenment. but its pretty close.
im at the stage were im not looking for answers anymore. im simply looking for new ideas. do you get me?

im pretty sure i can find my own answers, its just what about the questions i haven’t thought about yet?

idk kinda random but i just wanted to post.

I feel you- it’s kind of hard to know to ask what it is u don’t know tho…

ya i feel like im in the movie ‘I robot’
and will smith asks the hologram a question. and all he says is. “your not asking the right questions”

I feel like this from time to time. It’s like I sometimes get stuck in a rut, thinking the same thoughts over and over. (This is partially why I take breaks from internet communities on occasion.) Have you picked up a new language recently? I find learning a new language helps me gain a new perspective on life and how to think. :happy: As they say, “When you learn another language, you gain another soul.” Just a random suggestion. :smile:

thanks a great idea. now i just gotta decide what language. i really want something interesting. like… mandarin Chinese or something like that. not french or Spanish. cause its almost as boring as English lol. but ya.
also i heard music helps a lot especially with enlightenment and such or whatever. so im gonna continue my practice with the guitar. hope i get good :smile:

We have a higher mind and a lower mind. Since we have all fallen (have lower minds) it is impossible to be truly enlightened. To be enlightened is to not have a lower mind.

Our lower minds thrive on security. They want to have all the answers or at least appear as though they do so that they can feel comfortable. Our higher minds have all the answers to everything but since we also have lower minds we can not utilize our higher minds to their full potential. We can still use them however.

For our higher minds to send us new truths we have to be open minded and let our guards down (ie stop paying attention to our lower minds). Since it is your desire to do this, you no longer what the security of the higher mind but know that the small insights the higher mind will give you in return will later in life be worth your while.

You are investing in your future mind!