I have returned

Hey everybody… wow I’ve been gone a while now… what a couple months… anywho I’m back so watch out yall!.. yeah…

I’ve been really busy finishing school and all but I’m done and have a somewhat regular schedule again which is cool.

anywho I’m gonna start catching up on those 3,000 new posts since my last visit :content:

Welcome back ChicoRaton! :happy:

Really great to see that :cool_laugh: is back! What I want to know is…is your mum still invading your dreams. :tongue:

hahahaha welcome back;

thanks for putting his mom back into his brain moogle!

Don’t mention it :happy: I’m just evil. :tongue:

:cool_laugh: welcome back!

:cool_laugh: <-- I forgot about that! Thanks for the warm re-welcome :razz:

heh well my mom hasn’t been controlling my dreams for a while now but uhh… now that you reminded me about that maybe she’ll start again… hehe let’s hope not

actually since I made her dissapear she hasn’t come back… pretty cool, imho :content: