I have vivid dreams every night. How do I turn them lucid

Literally almost every night I’ll have a very vivid life like dream and they are usually really cool and interesting. I always see people I know like my friends and family and such but I can never clue in that im dreaming. My parents are all the way across the other side of the country but when I see them in my dream I still dont realize im dreaming. I want to be able to control these amazing vivid dreams I have on a regular basis. Please someone help me accomplish this. PLEASE

If you consistently have vivid dreams and decent recall I would recommend focusing more on techniques like MILD and RCILD. Throughout your day keep asking yourself if you’re awake. Remember, dreams feel just as real as real life sometimes so you can never be too certain.

Also make sure to have a good mantra the the effect of “In X hours/minutes I will remember that I am dreaming” all throughout your day and as you fall asleep. I’d also recommend frequent RC’s as well so it becomes a habit. At the very least you might accidentally do one in your dream. All in all, keep your awareness up irl and it will bleed into your dreams :content: