I heard my real-life alarm clock in my dream last night...

This is pretty interesting.
This last night I had a dream where my alarm clock kept ringing and it was impossible to turn it off, and it was damn annoying.
I tried to hide it somewhere, set it on a different time and remove the batteries, but it kept ringing just as loud no matter what I did.
I think I even tried to destroy it, but it proved mysteriously indestructible.
Then I suddenly woke up, and I was amazed to realize that it was actually my real-life clock that had been ringing all the time!
So this got me thinking, maybe you could take advantage of this in some way?
Like, using one of your favourite songs as your morning alarm and then quickly falling asleep again while it’s still playing?

That is interesting! Sometimes I find that if the TV is on I will often times dream about what is going on in the TV or sometimes if I have to go to the bathroom really bad I will dream about trying to find a toilet but never being able to find one! Most recently my husbands alarm clock was going off; his alarm starts of low and gradually increases the alarm is also whimsical music. I remember having this whimsical tune in my dream right before I woke up because then his LOUD obnoxious alarm clock rang and fully woke me. I was startled and angry!

thats a bit funny. thats ok though one time the morning after the 4th of july i had to wake up really early and when my alarm went off i had a dream that it was fire works going off it took me about 30min. before i woke up to it which never happends to me. i guess if your tired enough then that kind of stuff happends.

Yeah, that can happen. It’s the same theory as LD masks. You take a signal from the real world, and have it sink into your dream. It’s never happened for me, but my alarm clock is quite loud…

This has happened to me many, many times. And yes, I have used it to become lucid in the past. The most annoying part was that I couldn’t shut out the alarm sound :razz:

It’s also kind of unreliable. It usually only works when/if the dream is especially stable and it’s hard to be able to ignore the urge to wake up. Still, it can lead to some fun situations where the dream tries to make an excuse for the change :razz:

I have to take care of a newborn lamb at the moment, at two in the morning she started bleating (the bahhh sound they make) which didn’t wake me up. In my dream my alarm sound on my iPod was a sheep bleating, but the weird thing was, when I woke up my iPod alarm wasn’t even on!

I have had the “WOW! Signal” on my phone as alarm for a week now, and every single morning (5 times so far) I have had a false-awakening and tried to turn the alarm off. Sometimes it takes several minutes before I wake up, and I hear the alarm the whole time :tongue: .

Well, this morning when I woke up, I jokingly thought that “The phone better work this time…”. I grabbed my phone and tried to turn off the alarm, but to my surprise it didn’t go away. I immediately became lucid, but decided to just wait there until the alarm wakes me up. I studied the lockscreen, and noticed that it was really clear and detailed. It was a picture of a house on a mountain, and I could even see the small pebbles on the ground. I studied the phone for about 2 minutes before I finally woke up :woo: .

I believe this could be a very effective technique to induce lucid dreams, if you can make the alarm ring for like 20 seconds and then turn off. Too bad that I can’t do that on my phone :sad:

Maybe you could make a 20-second recording of something and use that sound file as an alarm sound? :peek: :content:

:tongue: That wouldn’t work, because my phone just keeps repeating the alarm until the battery runs out… Maybe I should leave just 1% charge on my phone when I go to bed :happy:

Maybe it could work to put the alarm clock further away than normal?

I mean, Stephen Laberge’s “NovaDreamer” has to be set on a light intensity so that you can see the flashes in your dream but still not be awakened by them - maybe it’s the same logic with alarm clocks, so that if you put it further away than normal you can hear it in a dream but it still won’t wake you up?

This actually feels quite interesting, I think I’m gonna try that with my alarm clock tonight.

If you have an iPhone there’s actually an app that does this exact thing. It uses the iPhone motion detectors to figure out when you’re in REM sleep and then plays a sound file. So you can record yourself saying “Are you dreaming?” or something like that, then put it at a low volume and the moment you enter a dream you’ll hear that without waking up.

This is exactly why i stopped using an alarm clock. It did no good other than drive me insane inside my dream trying to find the thing and turn it off.

A few weeks ago I had my alarm clock in a dream. Not only was it the correct time, but in the dream I set the alarm time… it wasn’t until much later that I realized I had only changed the time in a dream!

I’ve often heard my alarm or what’s going around me in my dreams and that affected the dream plot. Sort of like you’re becoming more awake and now your brain is receiving this sensory detail and has to do something with it so it integrates it into your dream.

One thing to note, though, is that if you become lucid don’t assume that because you hear your alarm going off you should wake up because you’re going to be late… I did that once and awoke two hours before the clock was supposed to go off… :razz:

I also have done what I call an AILD or Audio Induced Lucid Dream. Basically I went to sleep with a song on loop and headphones on. During a dream I heard the song and became lucid. I’ve done this twice now. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work back to back nor with the same song twice… :razz:

I believe that if you put enough effort this could work.

The same thing is with people that use nova dreamer or remee mask. They have visual effects “imported” from physical world into the dream world and most of the times they don’t know what are they and what to do with them because they are manifested in many different ways.

Luckily, your alarm in the dream really meant the physical alarm, and you can try that again and again and see where it goes… Like I said I believe it can work but it only depends on how much effort you are ready to put into this…

Good luck! :content: