I honestly can't find dream signs!!

60+ Pages of dreams and no reoccurring signs! :grrr: In the book I’ve been reading (LaBerge’s guide with the blue cover, the best one) it says for me to find dream signs as do many here, but in 60 + pages of my DJ I can’t find reoccurring signs. Is this going to be a big block or can I get by?? And am I missing some bit of info regarding what qualifies as a dreamsign??

A Dream Sign doesn’t have to be a solid object or person, it might be a specific sense; a smell, a taste, etc. or it could be a general theme, anything, really, even a small detail that reoccurs and will prompt you to do an RC.

I think there are probably a lot of dream signs in those 60 pages, but maybe you are just looking for tangible objects and not giving thought to the abstract themes of dreams.

Maybe if you post your dreams on the Dream Diary board, other users will be able to find dreamsigns for you :smile: