I just got my driver's license today!!!

My gosh, you guys have it tough in Oklahoma. My final test in Ohio was easy as cake, I passed my first time. The only reason I would have failed is because of getting nervous with the stern looking officer in the passenger seat and doing something stupid.

All we have to do in Ohio in the final test is take manuaverability test (which takes like a minute, I’d expain it but it’s kinda hard to explain…) and then drive around about 10-15 minutes in a little neighborhood. Although, before you can take the final test, you have to drive 50 hours with your parents, take a driving class for 24 hours with a simple written test at the end, and drive with an instructor for 8 hours (they’ll pretty lenient. In other words they allow common sense). Then we’re eligable for the final test :happy:

“That is freaking bull shit… why the heck were they so strict wtih you? man, i live in oklahoma… I am almost to the age of getting my license. in just a few months. i have my permit now. i took and passed drivers education with an A. so I will take your advice on that test! man that is rediculous. stay at a stop sign 5-10 seconds? no one does that. ever. I just think it is so rediculous that they are so strict with these driving tests… and as for parallel parking… everytime i have tried that I did it perfect… but that was only 3 times and there was no car behind me. but the drivers ed teacher told me it was flawless. so i will believe him lol.”

Go to stillwater Nick, or, avoid Jenks, unless you want a challenge… it isn’t bad per se but the paralell parking diagram sucks and confused me very badly, otherwise I know I would have paralelled properly.

the guy at stillwater was gonna let me test even though my 6 months weren’t over yet, too (except they WERE he was just reading it wrong)… so they are really leniant… (yes i had to wait 6 months to take test #4… it sucked… 6 months from my first test taking date, whatever that was, i’m kind of glad though, if I had had a license while I was with that bimbo… I dunno… it would have altered my future considerably, maybe…)

and man, the quote button is your friend, I had no idea what the heck you were doing posting what I had just posted again, and it was hard ot find where I ended and you began.

Read the book, and follow the time it says to stop, I don’t remember it saying anything, but I think it was you had to be there 5 seconds…

so i don’t know where you live, but if still water is an option, go to it.

Congrats on your driver liencese!!! :happy:

I won’t say anything about driving like others… just let you freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee like a bird! :wink: Have fuuuun!

I have been driving for 4 years and one thing I have learned is… people can’t really tell you how to drive or do what… YOU LEARN BY YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE! Use common sense, then thats it. :smile:

Have fuuuuuuuun and hit the road! :wink:

For your information, I never have been in any accidents before. Got a speed warning ticket, but that’s it (that’s cuz i was in bad mood that day from school… in fact it was the worst day ever and I just wanted to go home so I speeded… and i told police honestly about what happened, etc. and he was mercyful. :happy: I was lucky! And being deaf helped too… lol!) :biggrin:

haha… that just made me remember a dream today where i was driving with some girl and she was speeding, but the officer was interrogating me, not her, and he wanted us to follow him to some weird address and I was like “is that the police statoin” Then he kind of drove off and we didn’t do anything.

It’s weird because it’s like, some sort of day dream I made up sometime that day, thinking about being pulled over with someone else driving my car, and whether that would hurt my record.