I just had an LD!! But I had a problem again..

I woke up from a dream where I became lucid about 3 minutes ago. I’m happy that I had an LD because I’ve had unusually bad dream recall for the past 5 days or so.

So I had an LD but there was a problem. The same problem I had in my last short LD and I think it might be one of a kind:

I was in a dream which lasted really long and after a lot of stuff happened, we had to drive somewhere and we got in cars with friends and stuff. So I’m in our van with some kid I don’t know, my brother’s friend and my cousin. No one was in the driver seat and we just started going. We somehow just got into some city at night and we were heading towards a light turning yellow, still without anyone in this driver seat. I was kind of scared we might get in a crash, but I told myself it was okay because it was a dream. Then I thought “Wait, it’s okay because IT’S A DREAM!!!” My cousin said as we were heading towards the changing light “I hope we make it!” with a funny face and in a joking way that he usually does, and I replied with a funny expression and a silly tone of voice “Yeah!” I think part of what made me comfortable in the car was the fact that it had my cousin who I know well and my brother’s friend who is cool. :content:

So now we’re past the light and just driving somewhere and everything gets clearer. I look out the windshield and think “I can do anything I want to” but I was scared to try and jump out of the moving car so I could try things. But almost as soon as I became lucid (this whole driving thing lasted about 10 seconds) I had this really bad feeling, again. The last time I became lucid in a dream this same thing happened. I can’t totally describe it but it was just a bad feeling. It’s like I was excited and it hurt, a bad kind of excited, I felt sick in my stomach and made a scared moan and part tried to wake up and part unwillingly.

I was concious waking up and I was trying to see if I could move to get out of my body, but I felt that I would move my real self if I tried. I opened my eyes and decided I should pst this on here to get some help. What is wrong with me? Why does this happen in LDs? Can anyone explain it?

On a side note, I have a question and a theory. My question is will I become lucid more often now? I’ve been lucid three times in dream so far (first time I was dead in the dream :bored: ) so I’m hoping this might trigger lucidity more easily. My theory is that for me it’s much easier to become lucid in a scary situation. I’m franticly trying to find someway out of whatever it is that’s scary in the dream. I’ve known I was dreaming before when I was in a scary situation, but I think I just didn’t know about lcuid dreaming then or at least wasn’t interested enough. And also I didn’t do any method or technique to induce an LD. Only thing I did out of the ordinary is listen to music (punk rock :eh: ) while I’m trying to fall asleep, though I turned it off before I did.

So I now think whenever I have a scary dream I’ll be lucid! :happy: Only problem is I don’t have scary dreams often and I can’t do anything unless I can get over that problem with LDs. Can someone please help with my problem with LDs? It’s really weird and frustrating :sad:

:smile: Ok Tride15, i c two questions in your post!
Your feeling sttange while you ahve a ld, are you afraid somehow?
Or maybe its just stabilising your dresm you have to learn. Tell me more because this is not clear to me. Is it emotional or just stabilising your dream in a ld?

Second, yes you will have more often lds now because your brain has now recognition! But…it has to be stimulated by thinking and reading while awake about it! :wink: ( Dream diary to)


Yes I feel afraid somehow. I don’t try to bring the feeling upon myself, it just happens. I’m not sure why this happens because I’ve always thought of LDs as a positive experience.

Is there something I can do to make me get over this feeling next time it happens, like a reality check or something?

Well, to me that sounds like anxiety… a bad case. If I had had that dream I would have interpreted it that way: In real life I never feel really happy… I am not sad or anything, but not truly happy, either, and I think that at least in an LD that would be different because at least there everything would be possible just the way I’d need it to be truly happy.

Now what would happen in my dream is, that I get lucid, but then I notice that that doesn’t change a thing. Life is just as scary as always and even the fact that I am lucid doesn’t change a thing. Deep down I would have thought an LD would make me happy, but it didn’t and in the end I am still unhappy, because it feels like what’s wrong is coming from the inside.

This, however, would be only my interpretation if I would have had that dream… don’t know if it makes sense to you. :eh:

Also could be that deep inside you still can’t jump over your shadow… Know what I mean? You still can’t convince yourself that you have nothing to fear and thus get really anxious…

I hope I was of help… :wink:

Well tride15 it could be because like you said most of your lds begin from bad dreams! Practise to c real live as a ld (now and then :smile: ) so u can experience also ld with good emotions! Like when you shop…just say then oh its a ld…so you experience although fake…good emotions with ld! :wink:
Also a good way to become lucid more :wink:


Jeff, last time I became lucid before this time it wasn’t during something scary. I was just in my brother’s room walking around. And when I become lucid from a scary dream I’m happy, not scared because I know there is nothing to fear, but this feeling I get is just unstoppable. Next time I will try to fight it but can you give me any suggestions as to how?

And fabi, by the way, I don’t think I really suffer from a bad case of anxiety. Good theory, though! :smile:

Thanks! :wink:

Well, it was just an idea… And I didn’t mean an obvious one you could see in RL, but maybe one that reveals itself when you’re stripped down to what it really comes down to… :alien:

Good luck with your LDs. :smile: