I just had my first flying dream with dream control

I used to have several dreams of flying long ago, but I was never actually capable of controlling my actions.
This last night I had a dream that may not count as “lucid”, but I did have a lot of dream control so I could actively decide what to do.
I started flying, and now I really understand why flying dreams are so popular - it was an outright wonderful experience, just being able to lift into the sky and speeding like a bird past houses and trees below.
It was almost like using the Cape from Super Mario World - I would dive towards the ground to pick up speed, and then swiftly rise again and soar for a good while.
And then I heard from a DC that I could pretend that I was “swimming in the air”, and that made flying even easier.
In fact I believe I said to myself “wow, this is so incredibly wonderful” during the dream.

No doubt this day will be great, I didn’t realize until now just how fantastic flying dreams really are.

That’s great and you WILL have a great day! I love the side effects of wonderful dreams, taking a great mood into WL.