i just had my first LD ;-D

Hello everyone,

I just had my first lucid dream :happy: and i like to ask you guys some questions about it.
But first i tell you the beginning of my LD :happy:
Sorry if my english sucks :wink:

It started like this: I went to my bed and in bed i turned my pc on and searched for lucid dreaming ( I did this before ) after a half our of reading serveral site’s of lucide dreaming I shutteddown my pc and sayd to myself ‘’ You are going to know that you’r dreaming when you dream’’ (something like that :wink: after a while I was sleeping.
I cant remember the firt part of my dream but I think after a couple ours i became lucid because i was dreaming and i had te feeling that i’ve been on that place 3 or 4 time’s before. I looked around me and i thought to myself i must be dreaming! on that moment it looked like i was waking up but i sayd to myself that I must stay calm and dont get to exited because then i wake up. when i released i was calm I started to think what I could do when i was lucid :happy: I looked around me again and i saw a desert landscape with some hills in a circle, I went to the beginning of those low ‘‘hils’’ and saw that there was water in the middle of it. Also there was a huge sign that looked like a construction build plan or something but it was a dygital sign and it was turned off. On the sign there was a iphone home button, I pressed on it but nothing happend. ( yes I know this is a weird dream but i think they all are haha) I decided to leave and go explore the landscape… some how i came up with the idea to fly.
I started to run faster and faster then i flapped my arms harder and harder again :razz: and i came up from the ground and i flew over a ditch then I landed and I realized that that was realy cool :smile: then i came to a mall and I wanted to try flying again but then longer faster and higher. but i was still in the mall and so i went looking for a exit door. when i went out the mall the landscape was totaly changed.
Now it looked like a place nearby my house. I was stil planning to fly but some people where walking in front of me so I passed them and started to run again but this time some how i could not run fast enough even if i tryd verry hard.
It was like i had no total controll of my dream. At that point i woke up.

But how can it be that i didn’t had total controll of my dream? Also i did not realy created objects, those where already created when i came there for example the mall. But are there any trics you can telll me to take better controll of my dream?
And how can i remember, that I want to be a animal or something in my dream?
because now i totaly regret it that i didnt try to shape shift or talk to people etc. :cry:

That’s an awesome first LD!
The reason why you didn’t have much control was probably because your lucidity was low.