I just had my first OBE minutes ago and on accident.........

Just a few minutes ago I had an out of body experience…on accident. I heard about them before and it didn’t sound fun in the least bit, so I was actually afraid of them. But I thought you could only have them if you did certain methods and stuff.

Well, I woke up early in the morning probably around 4:00, and I couldn’t get to sleep. I tried and I tried but nothing was working. I heard that if you stay awake this long then go back to sleep, it’s easier to have lucid dreams. So I was trying to think of having lucid dreams. So I’m sort of dreaming, I guess, because I’m in bed looking at my wall and reading a book. Somehow I just suddenly realize it’s not real! I think “Yes! Yes! Finally, I know it’s a dream!”. Then I started to feel a little tingly and I just thought “This feels kind of weird, but they say when you know you’re in a dream it ‘feels’ good.” I suddenly realized it wasn’t a lucid dream, as it didn’t turn into a dream environment, I somehow just knew it was not a dream because something wasn’t right and I couldn’t move. I immediately realized it was an OBE. I couldn’t move a muscle, I tried so hard to open my eyes, and then move my arm because I could see it somehow, with my eyes closed. These things are weird because it was like I couldn’t open my eyes but I could see some stuff.

I could feel myself slowly lifting out of my body, something I was actually doubting that could possibly feel real, but it really did. I saw my arm and I could feel me lifting away from it.

I could actually hear muffled screams in the background. I heard that some people that had these saw dark figures standing above them before and they couldn’t move and it was evil and a horrible experience, so I decided I should not look up and keep my eyes closed and try to stay calm. Luckily I was able to stay calm while consumed with fear, and I kept my eyes closed. I just wanted to wake up!! Then I did… YES! I was overjoyed to be out of that and I was also glad I got to experience what it was like, even though I was terrified of them. I don’t want one ever again, though.

This all happened in about 7 seconds.

Thank God I had read about OBE’s from this forum before, otherwise I would’ve been extremely horrified or I might’ve made a bad decision.

Sounds cool. I am curious about this kinda stuff, and I havent got the chance to try an OBE yet. When I do I plan to stay calm and explore, see if I can confirm what I saw later, do some RC’s, that kinda thing. See if I’m really out of my body.

Sounds like an interesting experience. WILDs are a lot like that too sometimes.

I don’t see any reason why you would not want one again.

It was very uncomfortable. It’s like you’re trying to escape from your body and there’s this constant pressure on you. And although I remember hating it and just wanting it to end, I’m intrigued. I sort of want to have another one but I remember not liking it so much.

It’s not the least bit fun or interesting while it’s happening.

TRIDE!!! DONT QUIT!!! You are extremely lucky to have had such an expierience, don’t quit because you are afraid of “evil dark figures”. OBEs can be such a pleasurable and enlightening expierience. First you have to understand that OBEs are all in the mind, and that any “evil dark figures” are also in your mind and that they can’t hurt you in anyway. Some people spend years trying to have an OBE without any success. You should take advantage of your gift. OBEs are not bad, they are anytihng but. So much creativity is present in OBEs, because your mind is so much more open. So many ideas came abuot in OBEs and altered states of conciousness. If you know about chemistry you know about the benzine molecule (the hexigon thing), well the scienctist who discovered it was in an OBE!! He was floating next to his fireplace, and in this fireplace he saw 6 snakes in the shape of the benzine molecule. Even einstien had many OBEs. I recommend you go to a book store and buy one of Robert Monroe’s books. He’s the world’s expert on OBEs. Please don’t stop just because of unjustified fears. Don’t let fear hold you back! In an OBE you are in control!!!

I recognize your experience from my first one (a year ago), and was at first really scared. I had my eyes closed to when I “left” the body. Luckily I head read about it, otherwise I would´ve been extremely horrified to. When I floated somewhere over the bed I heard a voice say: “You´re now one of us, buddy”.

But the OBE I had after this first one where more pleasant (maybe four or five “real” OBE), and not att all frightening. In my second I took up my guitarr and tried to play wich was very hard, but I manage to play some tunes. I have also tried to move around things in my OBE´s to se where they are when I awake, but of course they are in the same place as before.

lol I have had several OBEs that I didn’t realize that they are called OBEs. When I was younger, I often experience SP before I woke up becaue I used to hate sleeping in so everytime I get conscious in my dream or whatever, I would try to wake myself up and end up being in amasing false awakening dreams. Yes, they had became so annoying, but at least I tried to wake myself up. Then soon I would experience SP and then I would try so hard to open my eyes. I realized that I couldn’t move, but I could see… but everything were a blur. It was very real to me. I watched my mom coming in my room, trying to wake me up. I was terrified to death. I couldn’t see very well and I moved my hands to tell her that I would wake up in a min. She looked at me and acted like I was in a very deep sleep. I scream at top of my lung, “Mom!!!” She left as if she didn’t hear me. I tried to tell ehr that I couldn’t see. I panicked, I thought I was becoming blind. I decided to cross my eyes and I have been using that technique to snap me out of OBEs (it used to happen me almost everyday until I decided to allow myself to sleep in). Now, I understand what OBEs are like and I only can OBE at will once a month… maybe more or less. I just wished that I wasn’t so afraid when I experienced that almost everyday when I was younger. sighs

I understand completely how you feel. OBEs can be terrifying, but wonderful at the same time. :wink:

Yes, I recommend that book that someone mentioned. I have one of those books and it’s great to read!

Heh, when I had my first OBE, man it was scary! The electricity rushing through me…the screams and crackling noises…the intense pressure. And all this followed by the sheer feeling of lucid incredulousness, that feeling of “wow…I know this is happening, but how!?” as you feel yourself float upwards and out, defying gravity! There is nothing quite like it, truly an experience to behold. Unlike in a lucid dream, where you know you are dreaming, and are flying across an open sky say…the disconcerting thing about an obe is that if it is occurring in the middle of the night, (as mine often did) then it is not an open sky you are seeing as you start to float, but the dark shadows of your bedroom, and in every detail. Clear as a bell. But, I have had obe’s in the daytime, and then I have seen my room as it is in the daytime. I believe in an obe, it is a really high level lucid dream…that is the mind is incorporating actual realtime external reality (the room you are in, the time of day, weather etc) into the experience, therefore making it seem even more realistic than a LD, where it can be night and you are dreaming away that it is daytime etc, and you are in another country or something.

In other words, in a normal LD there is less input from extenal stimuli, thus although we realise we are dreaming, the experience remains more “dreamlike”. An obe however, is raw, exhilerating, and feels so real at the time…it is as if we are on the finest line between actual waking consciousness and the deeper REM dream state. I dunno, I think you should be glad you had one! I certainly was when I had my first one. :wink:

I say to you that OBE is just a lucid dream, WILD to be more exact.
Usually your body shuts down completely before you enter the dream stage, but sometimes your balance etc. sensors are still working and so when the dream starts, brains gets confused, but you remember you are in your bed. That point you will start floating, vibrating or sinking.
I like those floating-starts much more than those vibrations, which can be sometimes quite rouch.
I remember I was quite scared too when the first floating start WILD occurred, but it folded out as very good LD. :smile:

Thats the purpose of my wanting to do some RC’s. It could just be a dream you’ve slipped into, ya know?

Why in the world would I want another one!?!? It wasn’t interesting while I was in it and the whole time I was just very very uncomfortable. No way am I going to try and have another one!

What if I do have another one and the same thing happens? What if I don’t just float out of my body and then do whatever I want? Because when I had this one I couldn’t get out of my body. It’s like it was trying to hold me in while something was pulling me out.

Also, with the the thing about me hearing screams and it’s just my fear, it doesn’t matter. If it’s there in your OBE it’s there and you can’t do anything about it. Trust me, I wanted them to stop but they just didn’t.

I think the reason I had this is because I was doing a little method someone said you could do to get in sleep parlysis and I didn’t even realize I was doing it. It’s where you wake yourself up right before you’re about to fall asleep, then again and again and eventually your body will just be shut down and your mind awake. I kept opening my eyes when close to sleep when I woke up in the middle of the night because there are reflections on my TV so I can see part of our hall. And for some reason when I wake up that late in the night I’m really paranoid, so if I hear a sound I’ll look in the TV and then I’ll look again because I thought I saw something and so on.

You had some lack of control in an LD. That’s all. If you’re afraid of OBE-like LD’s now, well, the same thing could happen in a regular LD, 'ya know? ■■■■ happens… What I don’t understand is why on Earth would someone want to have an SP? :wink:

Sleep paralysis is awsome, I dont know why all you people look at it negativly. Just because of all those stories of demeons and old hags sitting on the person? SP can be awsome, they lead to WILDs and OBEs. All the hallucinations and “screaming” is over once you are in the dream or OBE.

I’ve never had a negative SP hallucination. Once I had a strange one with differently shaded blue outlines of people and bicycles, and people on bicycles. It looked like it was all scratch animated. Very cool indeed.

Hehe ive been struggling to get SP for last 2 yrs.The ones i had were prior to obes and lds but allways accidental.Ive had maybe 2 or 3 experiences without SP which by the way is very pleasant for me.It fills your body with thick foglike electricity.It feels hmmm…mighty:)
But like i said…never had a success with inducing one:(

I think the experience of a SP or a OBE is most terryfying if you have no idea of what is happening. I had a SP many years ago. I woke up and couldnt move. Something moved in my bed. I have never experienced such horror. and I couldnt sleep without light for some month. Later I read about LD, SP and OBE, and I understood that my experience were not unique. When I later had my first OBE I had some idea what was happening and I managed to relaxe. But if I hadnt read about it, I would have been extremely terrified. The feeling of floating away from the body was so real!
But my greatest experience were when I, after an OBE, floated in in my body. I felt how I hovered over my body, and then descended. When I reached my body I “filled” it with much trembling and buzzing. I could feel how I filled up every particle of myself. It felt that I were totally awake during the process, and after the experience I immediately get up from bed.

That fear of the unknown is probably why such things (OBE’s and SP) were associated with incubus’ and other deamons. Nothing to be afraid of, all you need is to do your research.

Tride the ‘fear’ factors didn’t disappear because you were not confident enough to banish them. Open your eyes, tell them to leave. It’s only in your mind so how can it be of harm? :eh:

Just keep doing it Tride, because sooner or later you’ll have one no matter what even when you don’t want them. OBE’s can be the most beautiful things in the world.

I want to actually have another OBE but I’m scared of them…at night. I can’t help it, at night I’m just scared of stuff and I’m particularly scared of OBEs. In the day time of course I wouldn’t care if I had an OBE. It’s light out, I can see everything, everyone’s awake, but at night it’s silent with everyone asleep and the house is dark. It’s just creepy…

I can’t overcome my fear of OBEs, but maybe I won’t care so much later after it’s been awhile since I had one. My interest in OBEs is growing after experiencing one first-hand, though I’d much rather have a lucid dream than go through a potentially terrible experience.

I know I’ve slipped into a dream. Because OBE is a dream, lucid dream. :smile: