I just have to tell someone Concidences I keep noticing.

Ive just noticed some weird coincidences about movies. OK. Now the first is Nickolous Cage has played in not, one, not two, but three movies where he dies of fire. “Kickass”, “Knowing”, and “Wicker man”. Allso on a side note. “Knowing” supposivly propheced the BP oil spill. Plus Cage has played in “National treasure” which talks alot about Freemasons. Now Here is one thats not that fasinating, but a little entersting. Bruce Willis has played in alot of movies with numbers… “Sixth sence” 12 monkeys" the “5th Eliment” I think theres more there just not coming to me now… Now this one will blow your mind… Here is a blooper from the Micheal J fox movie showing a mans unziped pance at the end of the movie. youtube.com/watch?v=zq5-6PkVGCg WTF. I allso notice alot of coincidences dealing with comic strips in the papper. Like this one time there were three comic strips in the same papper that had people talking to a therapist, and two of them were lying on a couch. Man I love coincidences. Im hooked on em like you wouldnt beleive. Maybie thats why I notice things that probley arnt that fasinating, but I just think they are. Pay attention to the comic page, and see if you dont see them allso, because I notice them alot. Does anyone else find this fasinating, or do I need to just get a life? Or Brad pit… with the numbers. You got the Ocen movies. 12 monkeys, and 7. Put that togeather with Willis.

Plus the movie “Knowing” talks alot about coincidences, and even uses the word synchronicity a few times. I keep noticing these things, more, and more. Is it because of 2012, illumanti? Wow life is a trip. Are these things done on purpose are they plants? If so why? If its synchronicity what is the Universe trying to tell us? I mean come on atleast one of the above “coincidences” have to make you think right. This is how we sharpen our third eye awarness of the universe.


Kava, at the rate you are going you are sharpening your third eye to a very blunt point!

Try being more critical - newspapers have editors, they dont randomly throw copy on to a page and cry out ‘eureka-this is todays krant!’ for all we know, the editor has a thing for a particular type of comic and wants those on that page for that day.

The thing with the actors… and the movies… there is just waaayyyy too much human intervention involved. Perhaps these actors have their own superstitious agenda - its not a conspiracy, its not anything.

My point is that you are looking for coincidences in everything - its like you are desperately looking for confirmation of your own beliefs and you are starting to see it in everything because that is what you want to see. That can only dilute the experience of when it is really going to happen. Sure… be open… but stay a little sceptical too. Its a fine line, but this way your third eye wont be grown over with cateracts! (what ever that means?! :razz:)

I imagine your right. I do get an exsausted feeling from it, because it allways leads to nothing. Illumanati conspiracey, or synchronicity, or even if its a combination of both…

Well… if its exhausting you so much… then can’t you see that the Illuminati are getting to you?! They are winning and you are letting it happen!!!

Illuminati conspiracy? What does that have to do with anything? :lol:

Oh… dont you know? The Illuminati have something to do with everything! :peek:

You would know, Illuminati disinfo agent. : D

8 more posts, go you.

You know Ive allways done this. I look at life as a rubiks cube puzzle that needs to be solved, and I use coincidence, synchronicity, philosophy, numberology, or anything else to solve it. Its pretty sill I guess.

I’m not saying its silly - I’m just trying to help you solve the puzzle. By all means, use the tools you have just described - I dont find them silly - just, you need to be a bit more critical when looking at the pieces of the puzzle and how they fit together.

You will know when they will fit together - but right now, it looks like you are just trying to force pieces to fit together in your impatience to solve the puzzle.

I had this dream once about 10 years ago, where someone said " 9d-issue", and I have remmred it, and have tried to decode it every sence just to tell you how seriously I take this “puzzle” Oh by the way “The whole 9 yards” thats the other Bruce Willis movie with a number. So it goes “5th eliment” 6th scent", “The whole nine yards” “The whole 10 yards” “12 monkeys”…

Carnun, why’d you go and tell him that there’s a puzzle!

Please Kava, for your own health, take it easy with the conspiracies. You’re going to go craaazy.

And now, the seldom used spoiler:

SPOILER - Click to view

There is no ‘puzzle’.

Maybie not, but there is clearly a battle of light, and dark that is going on, and I see it everyday. Yes the Illumanti Freemasons are everywhere, and they are the dark. I do beleive that Indegos are real, and have a job to do. To fight the darkness. I know you probley think I watch too many movies, and cant reality from fantasy, but you would have to walk in my shoes to understand where Im coming from, and if you did you would understand. There is something going on outthere. If people dont see it eather they dont care, or the Illumanti is blinding them from the truth. Life should be fun. Play around with it. It was no coincidence that I came to this forum. I allso started havind spontanous APs before I knew what APs, and LDs were like many Indegoes will. Indegoes are tuned in to such things as coincidences. Many people on this forum are Indegoes themselves, and do not know it. 2012 is aproaching very rapidly, and the alarm clock is going off. Stop hitting the snooze button. It is really happning, once you get over the shock of this new reality through meditation or whatever… Ive probley said it before, but this is why we have the internet to both speed up our spiritual evolution, plus it is a big part of the battle fild for the war aginst the illumanti, and lightworkers. If you look at how reality has evolved to this point then you will understand better what is going on. You are a LDer for a reason, and like in dreams you need to question your reality more then ever. It is a game, it is a story, becaus its what humans love to do. Illumati is in movies TV internet, water we drink, food we eat.

Back on topic… I just heard that Cage died of fire in the movie “Wind talkers” too. I dont know Ive never seen it is that true. If so that brings the number up to four movies which he dies of fire… “Kickass” Windtalkers" “Knowing” “Wicker man” weird.

I really don’t see any point in your coincidences that you’re finding. So what if an actor dies four times by fire in movies? Maybe that actor just has a preference for “dying” that way. I would be much more interested in the fact that my student ID number here at college has all numbers that are my favorite numbers or that have to do with my birthday and some of my numerology. I don’t believe anything special is going to happen in 2012. (Besides, 2012 doesn’t add up to 9. 9, when applied to years, at least with how much I’ve seen, is a year of ending. 2012 adds up to 9, and December 20, 2012 adds up to 1. 1 is a number of beginning… unless you want to say that the end “starts” then. Even without numerology, I don’t believe it’s going to happen.) The world isn’t going to end on ONE DAY. Even with all the (scientifically ungrounded) rumors out there, I haven’t seen one (well, maybe one, a meteor) where ONE DAY is all it takes for the world to end. It only “starts” on that day, and even so it wouldn’t be a sudden start. If I look at it in a way that I hope is Biblical, it will take around seven years for the last, END end times to happen and complete. I don’t believe the world will end for another few hundred years; maybe several decades at the LEAST. However, I’m leaning toward a few hundred years from now. And if the last years start in a few years, so be it. But I have things to do before then, not worry about what I’m going to do when it happens. I’d love for there to be a world catastrophe like the poles shifting or aliens coming back on a rogue planet. Seriously. I would find that really interesting and a fun way to go out. Unfortunately, that’s not how things are.

It’s not good to be completely close-minded, but we still have to be careful that we don’t accept everything that comes our way and looks good. But personally, I don’t see how the coincidences you’re seeing applies to my future. I might’ve given it a little more thought if you’d explained how you saw those things applying to the world and its future… but I can’t see a thing. I’m more interested in my personal coincidences like my student ID number than those. The comics are supposed to be like that. They tend to have a certain theme. Would you consider it a coincidence if it was Valentine’s day and all the comics had something to do with Valentine’s day and love and chocolates? No. I really think you’re trying too hard. Watch a few YouTube videos on why 2012 is not going to happen… and I hope you can find some good ones from some good scientists. It can be so easy for some to claim something and fake something and then fool others. Check the stories. Don’t just follow the links they give you. Look at it from both sides.

Anyway, I’m done preaching. Sorry that was so long, but I really wanted to say my thoughts. :shy:

OK look in todays comic page… Sept 10th… Tell me what coicidences you see? Three diffrent strips have the “zzzz” for sleep in it. Three. Maybie you can look it up online. It is “Zits”, “Born looser”, and “BC” now “Zits” isnt refering to sleep, but it has the letter Z in a bubble. What is that all about. I see it all the time in the comic strips. Do they talk to each other, and plane them? Plus to make it a little bit more bizzar. Two comic strips are lying down in bed, and one of them (Born looser) is lying on a phycitrist couch talking to a therapist. This is weird, because I was telling you when I first posted of the comic coincidence I saw where three comic strips had someone lying on a therapist couch talking to a therapist… Now thats pretty weird. Check it out. Everything is connected with synchronicity it seems. OK I looked them up for you check it.


johnhartstudios.com/bc/2010/ … 0-2010.php

Is it coincidence just randomness, because like I said I see this all the time in comic strips, and you can too. Hell I noticed this just two days after I posted about it. Its about everyday youll see some kind of coincidence in the comics. Is it Sychronicity… Is it the Universe trying to tell us something if so what? Concidering it is the letter Z could that have something to do with an end Alpha, Omega A to Z. Or is it the Illumanti Hinting to us. Are the comic strip writers Freemasons. Wouldnt surprise me. Do some research. We need to atleast be aware rather you beleive it or not… See them.
See coincidences, and youll be amazed at what is around you
youtube.com/watch?v=klaupqyz … re=related I dont trust them I live right up the street from a Mason lodge. There are alot of them around here, and Ive meet alot of members. The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper.

Ok… sorry to burst your bubble again “POP” but the letter “Z” is a convention used in just about all western comics to represent that the character is asleep. Unless there is a conspiracy amongst comic artists/writers that they will only use this letter of the alphabet… then… I really have no idea what their agenda might be?! The zits one… you seemed to have missed the punch line - the mother’s playlist is soooo boring that her son’s thumbs have gone to sleep - two z’s coming off his thumbs that show they are asleep… how else can you quickly represent a sleeping thumb?!

Why do you keep seeing these things over the a space of few days? Because comic book artists/writers go through a process of creating a ‘series’ of comic book strips which are then sold onto the newspapers that purchase these and syndicate them across the globe. It then comes down to the editors choice.

What you are talking about here is not coincidence (or concidences as you refer to them?!) but its just turning into paranoia.

Have you ever met a freemason? I have… actually… I know several of them! From my experience… they have nothing to do with conspiracies… and actually do a lot of good for society - lots of charity work - you need to do some deeper research than youtube!

BUT… then again… I am the master of misinformation… why else would the universe put the letter ‘z’ at the END of the alphabet, and not in the middle?!

Ive come to the conclusion that Im not paranoid, because Im having way too much fun with it. When it gets scary… Thats when it becomes paranoia, but until then Im just going to play the game, and see what happens.

There’s lots and lots of crap out on YouTube that you can’t trust. Images can easily be faked. Information can easily be faked. Jokes about sleeping are common. Speaking of crap on Youtube, there have been several times I’ve run into “screamers” or rick rolls while looking through other things. Those aren’t what they’re titled as, are they? Go look for actual research and documents and stuff people have put out. You cannot expect to find the whole story or truth on Youtube if you’re only looking for one side of a story. Is it a coincidence that when the year gets colder there’s lots of comics about the weather getting colder? That’s just what the comic writers and editors are choosing to write and publish. You may not necessarily be paranoid, but you do seem to be obsessed. And in essence, you nearly are paranoid. Since you think there has to be a conspiracy, you’ll find conspiracies wherever you look. It’s kind of like what we say here in the forums… “If you expect it, it’s going to happen.” I’m not expecting anything to happen, and there’s nothing going down in 2012. However, since you expect conspiracies and the end of the world, you find all kinds of proof for it. It’s just the wonders of the human mind. (Not always the wonders of it though… :bored: )

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And what/who are the Illuminati? Never heard the term.

There’s some things we MAY never be able to discover theme , but who knows , maybe things are realy like they seems to be , and maybe there’s some kind of big concpiracy :confused:

There is no spoon, huh?