I just wanted to say "I love you!"

Is that so much to ask?!

I had my first lucid dream experiences since joining this site. Two LDs one right after the other last night.

The first one started out as a normal dream. I was back in high school and there were these very annoying kids that were near me. I ended up saying something to them that made them mad and we got into a fight. A little bit into the fight, I start rubbing my hands and realize “I’m dreaming…”. So I toss the idiots a side and they disappear. I rub my hands some more and everything becomes a bit clearer. I say in my mind “When I turn around I want to see Her Name”. I turn around, and there she is, sitting at a table. I approach her and say “Her Name, I want to tell you something.” She responds by asking “What?” but no sound actually comes out of her mouth. It looks like she mouthed it, but I knew what she said. I then say “I lo…” and BAM I wake up…

I’ve never awoken from a dream as suddenly as that. The dream didn’t look to be fading away. I felt I could have stayed in it a bit longer. The awakening was so sudden the IRL I actually continued saying the “uh” sound in the word love. This was followed by an “UGH!!” on my part. So ended my first attempt.

My second LD occurred a little while after the first, after I finally fell asleep again. In this one, I knew I was dreaming from the beginning. I was standing in some big room, and several people were dancing around me. Once again I say in my mind "When I turn around, I want to see Her Name. I turn around, and there she is dancing. I approach her and just sa “Her Name, I love you!” and you know what she says? “What?”…So I say again “I love you” and she says “What?”…This happens about four or five times, and I wake up.

I am extremely mad. Why wouldn’t my mind just let the message get through. Maybe it was protecting from the response I always thought I would get if I told her. Either way, my only LD goal is to talk to her.

congrats on your LDs! :thumbs:

sorry that it made you mad. Is your goal to tell this girl you love her subconsciously? maybe you should tell her in real life?

DC s are sometimes the not best characters to hold a conversation with. They can sometimes be ignorant or confusing … or at times seem highly intelligent and amusing.

Perhaps in your next LD you can experiment with something that doesn’t involve DC s as much.

Goodluck! :smile:

I don’t have the courage or the right to say things like “I love you” IRL, so dreams are my only outlet. Dreaming is much more emotionally fulfilling for me than real life anyway.

I’m going to try again next time, but if that doesn’t work, and it probably won’t, then I guess I’ll just have to find an LD activity a little more worth while…

yeah, I guess you are right. It’s not so easy to walk up to someone and blurt out “I love you.” … but maybe if you have feelings for her … maybe you can say it in other ways … or if you can’t muster up the courage maybe consider a letter?
… but sorry, that’s more personal advice than dream advice.

Since these are your first few LDs, maybe it is a good idea to attempt something a little less stressful.

EDIT: I wouldn’t say the dream wasn’t worthwhile. Some think LD s are good places to practice real life skills. These types of dreams might help you overcome your worries, or build up your courage! Practice makes perfect! :wink:

That’s a might funny that each time she said, “what?”. Could that be your subconscious’ way of questioning your true feelings for her? Maybe it’s a hint that she’s not the one. I don’t know, I’m just speculating. I couldn’t help but be intrigued had my sub-c come up with that response to such a statement. :cool:

you really shouldn’t start out doing DC stuff in your first LDs. Start out simple like trying to fly. Then work your way up. You’ll get it some day :smile:

lol you remind me of my self when i first started out lucid dreaming. i started out to learn shared dreaming so i could spend time with people when i couldnt irl as well as for many other reasns. I spent a large portion of my ld spending with one girl telling her how i felt and how it was a dream and how she was dreaming etc, and after a few months and about 12 lucid dreams i realised something.

No matter what i did i was holding my self back, that as long as i didnt do anything irl i couldnt do anything in my dreams. so ofcourse i did something with my life and my dreams have never been the same, Dreams are just that, dreams and although they are helpful and there is a lot of things that we dont know about them yet, as long as we focus only on them and not in our actually waking life we can not go any further in our dreams.

When i took control of my life i took a greater control of my dreams. I found that it was easy to get past that hurdle.

i guess what i am trying to say is that if you are willing to tell her in your actually life then you will find that you are able to tell her in your dreams as well. I noticed that you did not write her name, maybe she is on the site, maybe she will find out that you like her. Maybe that is a good thing if you tell her to her face about how you fell and just ride that wave :smile:

The message I’m getting here is that I should give up on this little goal of mine. Fine.

It was a stupid little pipe dream. My subconscious would never allow her to respond in any positive way.

SighI think I’m done persuing LDs. I’ll just let them come as they will.

well now…don’t stop having them!!! just because you couldn’t get some girl to say she loves you, doesn’t mean u cant have fun!! do other things such as flying and stuff. do anything you want and work your way up to making some1 say something, if thats what you really want.

your only a beginner…correct? you havnt experienced the fun stuff yet!!! wait until you get the long vivid lucid dreams where you have FULL control on what to do. you feel like going to the moon, bam, your there. you feel like making things appear, bam they are there. LDs are powerfull and can affect your life in many ways. Of course in a good way :smile: please dont give up! youve only been trying since September 7th. very little is garunteed in that short of time.

When I first read the headline I just wanted to say “I love you!”, I thought you meant to the people on the forum. :content:
Maybe I should make a thread like that…

Your first post does say

It sounds like you have accomplished that, but didn’t get the answer or result you hoped for. Please don’t be disappointed and give up. Lucid dreaming is not a replacement for reality, but it certainly can help how you live your waking life. Imagine dreaming as the “ying” and waking life as our “yang.” Both go hand-in-hand with each other on improving ourselves.

Siertes, no one here told you to give up!! :eh: Actually, we told you the exact opposite.

I think you are misinterpreting some replies here, just read what some of us have told you:

Good luck on whatever path you decide to take, but always remember the potential of your lucid dreams.

Siertes firstly congrats from me :wink: but I’m interested which techiniques you’ve been using?

to give up on your dreams is akin to giving up apon your self. I am sorry if i came across wrong to you, i did not mean that at all, and your dream is not petty or stupid, you know best the amount of power and emotion that these dreams hold behind them. Do not give up, use it as a means to try even harder.

There are always set backs in life, but if we let these set backs hold us down, then we wont go anywhere, we wont push past our boundrys and that is what lucid dreaming is all about. Testing our selves testing our boundrys testing the very nature of who we are. Why let something come rarely naturally when you have the power to shape your life and your dreams and make them yours.

Good luck and never give up no matter the odds because then, no matter the outcome, you will be the real winner

The only technique I used to induce these LDs was WBTB. I just woke up, sat up for a few minutes, then went back to sleep. I find it extremely hard to do the others because my mind easily wonders to other things, and I just end up getting a headache.

hehe thx m8 :wink: