I keep trying for 4 months... but still no LD

Laurelindo, that was an awesome motivator. I haven’t written in my DJ for a long time now, and still haven’t had an LD, but this is the kind of thing that will make me keep trying.

Also, I’ve been checking digital clocks a lot lately (for no apparent reason; wasn’t thinking about RC). Here’s hoping I actually notice if I do it in the dream :happy:

Nice to hear that. :content:

Make sure that you try to add more and more details in your DJ every morning - the first few nights it’s good if you simply record the overall scene, but you should eventually start trying to remember colours and details as well.
If you for example dream that you are riding a bike, ask yourself what it looked like - which kind of bike was it, what colour was it? and so on.

Also try to really make sense of your dreams when you record them - try to find explanations for all oddities, like “why did I have an elephant in my kitchen? Had I won it from a zoo, or what? And why was it standing around in the kitchen? Couldn’t I find a better place?” and so on.
This will activate your brain’s logic centre and make it easier to question oddities during your future dreams - it doesn’t matter if you can’t find any actual explanations for certain things, it is actually trying to find logical answers that means something here.

You need to have a positive attitude.
You say that your dream recall has improved, that’s excellent!
You’re making progress.
Now you will need to start paying more attention to the details of the dream, which I just went through in my comment to PrecisionConage. :smile:

ok ! i see what you mean by more precision and i also had in a dream a huge refer to LD, in that dream i was writting LD4ALL on a paper in my school but i didn’t say to me “am i dreaming ?”
here i can see the progress thanks to you.

Hey, that’s a great sign!
You are definitely getting close if you even start to dream about LD-related stuff.
Keep it up, you are getting close. :content:
This is exactly what happened to me before I got my first lucid dreams - great dream recall and dreams about Lucid Dreaming. :tongue:

My advice is that you take it fairly easy in your first LD, just walk around and touch things and explore what has been given to you in that dream - your first and most important task in the LD-world is to become familiar with how they work and feel.
Don’t worry about having to fulfill fantasies and stuff, just walking around and exploring the landscapes is an amazing experience and you will most likely feel hyper the whole day when you wake up.

Also don’t be disappointed if you don’t have control over the first couple of dreams, keep in mind that you are very used to reality and therefore it can take some tries before you start to rely on your supernatural powers in the dreams - but it’s all about practice. :content:
It’s also possible that your first dreams could end quite quickly, but that’s very normal.

What I try to do every morning is look for the bright side. If I haven’t had an LD and had poor recall, I try to see what good things happened in my dreams. “oh, I didn’t have any LD’s and I only remembered one dream, but this scene or that scene were really vivid!” or “only remembered one tiny fragment, but there was taste! I rarely taste things in my dreams!”, for example. That helps keep you positive. People tend to post things like “I failed at WILD last night” but they completely ignore that they might have gotten a bit closer, getting partial SP, for instance.

Hi. i almost succeed a WBTB !!! i woke up from a vivid dream and i was sad that this dream ended so fast and just after i dreamt about the following story. Am i close from a LD ?

Yes, if you keep it up and remain motivated you may actually get a lucid dream this coming week. :content:

WBTB combined with MILD or WILD is probably the most reliable way to go.
Also don’t worry even if you don’t get it this week, you will most certainly get it at least in the very near future.
The more you practice and keep it up, the closer you will get to your goal.

This is what it usually is like when you’re close to a LD - you start to notice something peculiar and progressive with your dreams, and all of a sudden you will have this moment when you go “hey, isn’t this a dream…?!”.

Hi, it’s me again… I didn’t have a LD yet but i’m sure it’ll come, i can remember all the main dreams of every nights I almost reach the end of my DJ x)
I keep it up !!

Yes, it will come.
It may take some time still, but think of it like this - the more you practice, the more your chances increase each night!

I believe I practiced on and off for a few months at least, and then I suddenly started having those dreams where I was more “awake” so to speak, when I could actually decide what to do and control my actions to some extent; that’s a great sign that you are getting close, because your consciousness is starting to get activated.
Then there were those brief dreams when I thought I was awake and suddenly woke up for real, and then finally a dream where I decided to do a reality check and basically assumed I was dreaming just before I woke up.


I want to say a few words.

First of all - referring to the topic, just keep it up. The advice from me is not to expect results, not to tell yourself that in that dream you HAVE to have an LD. Just do what you do to have it, but do not force it from your mind. I made that mistake a few months ago and that’s what succesfully prevented me from having LD’s.

I must say, that you’re great. Great motivator and lucid dreamer. I was looking for such an inspiration as you have written. That was superb! Really. You should write it all down and make another topic with that. GREAT JOB, thank You very, very much :smile:

“What I try to do every morning is look for the bright side.”

Always good advice. Anytime…anywhere :smile:

I agree very much. I’ve seen many people say things like “I got to the vibrations but just couldn’t FORCE myself into the dream”. They couldn’t because you can’t :bored: . It makes no sense trying to fight yourself to get a LD. You can’t fight your SC, but you can learn how to work with it. And expecting results can be bad if you get frustrated if you don’t get those results. Frustration sucks, as I’ve said way too many times around here :tongue:

Thanks for all your answers ! it motivates me a lot :wink:.

Hi. I feel that I am getting closer and closer to LD. I had a dream in which I can remember my precedent dream. I think it’s a good method to have a better DR anyway, because if my subconscious can do that once I’m sure he is able to do that many times…
My problem now is that in every dream I think about dreams BUT my mind stop here :sad:. So how can I be more Lucid Living in WL ?

Thanks for all your helps, I’m happy to see so many generosity

If you often think in dreams of dreams that’s the best DS you can have ! And if you Often think about dreams IWL that’s the best next think you can do. If you do both you made it over 90% to LD. One simple thing remains. Every time you think of a dream or anything dreaming related increase your awareness first : Sense the temperature, notice as much details as you can, be aware of your breathing and Ask your self some general awareness questions; what I was just doing? where was I before this? And do an RC. After forming a habit you will be lucid in no time :smile: and I can surely say, ofc if you do it with awareness, in a matter of days. Happy dreaming and welcome to your own private world.

With love, Spider

I’m arachnophobia but THANK YOU ! I’ll try to be more aware and I’ll try to ask critical question too :wink:.

I think I can’t change my username now, but new nick is Psyder, so don’t be phobic :wink:

at each attempt, do you give your self permission to lucid? i know it sounds silly, but alot of people subconsciously ruin there attempts

I think that I don’t give 100% of myself but why will I ruin all my chances ?

but dagto do you use any techniques? What I observed recently that doing only RC’s and writing down your dreams won’t make you lucid very often. You definately have to try MILD or WILD (for a good start I think you should use MILD) and ofc combine it with WBTB.

say about your results :smile: