I keep trying for 4 months... but still no LD

ok i’ll try this :smile:

Ok so I tried twice MILD + WBTB but nothing happened… no lucidity :crying: just normal dreams which are vivid at least… I am not pessimistic but I think I can’t have a LD =[ !

Most techniques/people require some practice too. So one night of WBTB/MILD with no results isn’t that bad :razz:. Try it for a week or so and see if you get closer. If your dreams were more vivid than usual, that’s already good result :wink: And don’t be too hard on yourself :grin:

Someone has a good MILD guide for me :[ ?

Hrm… I’m generally against guides since they tend to be too generic and everyone needs to adapt them to their own needs, but there is one for MILD that is quite good. In short, you need to be specific in your mantra. Give your mind clear signals and it will help immensely. Anyway, here are two guides that really will help get this concept down.

Forming a Relationship with your Subconscious
And its follow up article
I am a Lucid Dreamer: Commanding the Subconscious Mind

Hope those help :content:

thanks for the reply :smile:

Must I repeat my mantras in French (I’m French) or in English :confused: ? Because in my language it’s not exactly the same sentence (preterite, the will etc…)

Pick the language and the sentence so that you really understand what you are saying. I guess French would be more suitable as your mother tongue. It may get better to your SC :smile:

Bad news :sad: … I restarted my school studies so I can’t actually focus on LD and I don’t have a DR during this time so maybe the next holidays :crying: thanks for all the comments which helped me !

Dagto, I read through the entire thread and understand you have not had a single LD for so many months. I admire your persistence, and the many advices given by others are all very useful ones, but I have to tell you this – you are probably on the wrong track.

In the old days LDs were indeed random encounters. Today, with so many options out there it should no longer be pure luck! From my experience, assuming you are on the right track, then you should experience at least a few LDs within weeks, not months. 4-6 months are the times needed to master LDing so you can induce them almost at will, on a near daily basis.

I believe you need to work on a bed-time technique instead of hoping for things to happen. People already suggested WBTB, MILD, and so on so I will not repeat what has been said before. I recommend you to check out this SILD technique, and put some serious effort in it. It is very simple to learn, and takes only a few minutes of your time. However, if you do it correctly it is not impossible to induce LD/OBE on your first attempt – I’ve seen hundreds of such cases. Below is the link to the technique. Be sure to read it thoroughly so you don’t miss any details. Good luck!


Ohhh well ^^ I feel that you know me perfectly so I’ll follow your teach master ! Thank you a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot !

Sometimes is just motivation! Start to really believe that you’re gonna have a LD tonight!

I bought a new DJ, more personal this time !

Well it’s a big up !Today I made a HUGE progress !
Let me explain: I half-succeed the WILD technique, I couldn’t move my legs and my arms and I saw strange things (like the crackling of a TV) BUT I got scared and I woke up. If you have an advice for me I’d appreciate it :smile:.
THANKS for all the members of the forum who helped me through 1 year.

You’re right, that was very big progress :content:

Try not to concentrate too much on your RL body (such as testing to see if you can move limbs, you’ll feel it once you hit SP) and stay calm and passive. Remember, there’s nothing that can hurt you during those experiences.

I also noticed that my eyes move very quickly and it’s a little bit disturbing :confused:

That’s all I get when i try doing WILD :sad: Is that phase usually before SP, as my limbs are always stiff but I can always move if I try, so its not SP. Never got any HI or sound too, only that rapid eye movement :meh:

That’s all I get when i try doing WILD :sad: Is that phase usually before SP, as my limbs are always stiff but I can always move if I try, so its not SP. Never got any HI or sound too, only that rapid eye movement :meh:

I had an HI thanks to the concentration … I mean You have to focus on what you can see, even if you can’t see anything. But I didn’t get further. Just try to focus on a point in your mind (I don’t have sounds too … perhaps my drivers have to be updtate :tongue: )

First of all, how confident are you in your abilities?
I get the impression that you are just “hoping to have a lucid dream”, and that’s not the way to go.
Instead, you should assume that you will succeed very soon and expect it to happen;
you also need to have a specific goal in mind, so instead of thinking “I hope I will have a lucid dream soon”, you should think “okay, I will succeed eventually and I really like to dream about Event X”.
Why exactly do you want a lucid dream?
Prepare a fairly detailed plan, and then think about that plan during the days and feel excited by it.

By the way, I personally tried on and off for over a year until I got my first lucid dream (check my registration date on this forum - I got my first real lucid dream at the end of October last year!), so you’re not alone - keep it up.

Thanks for the reply.
I don’t really think that I can have a LD but I really want it, it’s very difficult for me to not let it go.
I don’t know why I wanted and want a LD… LD represents a goal but I can’t set the things to do in it. (maybe flying or talking with people) I know that LD are very exciting and interesting but it seems so far from me…

I also half-succeed an other WILD and I used the same method: I think about a song and I sing it in my brain again and again until the paralysis begin.
I tried WILD because I thought that the other techniques are just pure luck and too linked to the LL and I don’t think that I can do a RC and things like that every days not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t see where I am going.

I’d say this way of looking at it may be the main problem. I know it’s hard, but you need to take it lightly and not demmand too much of yourself. LD’s are real and anyone can learn how to LD. And WILD is in general the trickiest technique to have your first LD’s. The other techniques are NOT pure luck, it’s just that you may get the impression they are “less active” techniques, but they can work just as well.