I keep trying for 4 months... but still no LD

Anyone who aims to have lucid dreams should think of it as something fun and exciting, rather than something they “must” succeed with.

This is just like flirting with someone - if you make it into too much of a big deal then it will just feel stiff and exhausting, but if you do it in a light-hearted and spontaneous way then it’s madly exciting.
Same thing with lucid dreaming.

This has to be the best way to describe LDing. Haha I never thought about it that way!

Hello again I just succeed a DILD !!! But I stayed lucid for well… not enough to think that i’m lucid x). Let me explain: my dream was about a room full of zombies and we were 3 I think and they got bitten and I was scared so I went in front of the window and I said to myself “wait don’t jump … wait why am I running … wait what zombie ??? … I Have some dreams in which I can see zombie and I can fly and I can see some real person” and it was the same thing in the dream, all my dream signs “but wait am I dreaming… YES I AM !!!” My dream end here but when I woke up I saw my own shape in the dream being dark and my brain was frosty in the front top: the same feeling when I tried WILD.

Great, congratulations on your first LD. :smile:

What do you think triggered this first LD you had?
Really try to figure that out, because apparently you did something that worked for you this time, and there is no reason to believe it won’t work several more times as well - also, if you really believe that it will work again then it will work as a placebo effect and work simply because you expect it to do so.

I’ve had the same problem. You should try out a new technique. I’ve always wanted to do WILD beacuse I would like to try sleep paralysis.