I keep waking up while trying to lucid

first of all if it is the wrong place to dicuss this im sorry but i failed to find the right place for it.
so - every time i try to lucid dream in the WILD way or even if im in a middle of a dream and i realise im dreaming the same thing happen: every time that i realise im dreaming- i wake up, i dont know why and im clueless about how to not wake up so im asking you guys for help
sincerly thanks Dr.Share

First of all - nothing to worry about.

It happens from time to time that we can’t find a reason why something is happening in the dreams and loosing lucidity immediately upon realizing that we are dreaming is also common problem(read situation). Well one thing is sure and that is that the reason is you and only you. Everything that happens in a dream is affected by you. So waking up upon realizing that you are dreaming is because you are doing something or more likely thinking something that makes you awake.

Try to analyze that. Try to focus on the point where you lose lucidity. What did you feel, what were you thinking, what you were doing and trust me after 5 or 10 attempts you’ll start to notice a pattern which will help you analyze your problem(read situation).

Just to give you example I did have the same problem(read situation). When I became lucid my immediate thought was something like: “Great, I’m lucid now but I will wake up now.” I guess my subconscious translated that thought as command something like: now I’m lucid and I need to wake up.

Granted that this thought was a product of some situation that happened before but after analyzing the awakenings I realized why I’m getting awaken every time I become lucid.

Hope this helps, good luck! :content: