I know which technique I'd like to use but I have a problem

Hey all,

Like it says in the topic title, I know which technique I’d like to use but I have a problem. Firstly, I think that WILD appeals to me most and I have attempted it on several occasions but I have only got so far… the problem is that I’m unable to use an alarm clock to wake me up in the middle of the night because I share a room with my brother and my mother is a very light sleeper so its likely they would hear it even in the next room So- I have been attempting it when I go to bed at night, firstly, Is this a good idea? and secondally, if not, then is there anything I can do to wake myself up without worrying about my brother?

Or, do you think a different technique would suit me? If so, which one would you recommed?

Try doing autosuggestion, all you have to do is tell your subconscious a specific time to wake up in the morning and you might wake up at that time. You should also do WILD + WBTB but that might not be best for you if you share a room with your brother and mother. Check out MILD.[First Steps to MILD (for all basic MILD related Q&A))

The person with almost no WILD/WBTB experience says:
If you happen to have a cell phone, you could put it on vibrate and sleep with it under your pillow, if all else fails. But auto-suggestion for waking up is fairly easy and is probably a kind of instinct used back-in-the-day. (before electricity) :grin:

I use the vibrate function of my phone too. I’m pretty sure if you set the alarm and turn your phone off, it’ll still go off.

Okay, thanks for the suggestions but just to be clear, I don’t share a room with my mother only my brother :lol:

lol ok yea that would be weird if you did

Indeed it would. I’ll give autosuggestion a go I think