I learnt perfect pitch in a dream!

Perfect Pitch or Absolute Pitch is the ability to recongnize a note just by hearing it and sing it at will. Like if a person were to say “sing a C” you’d have no problem doing it.

I was completely shocked by this. I had a dream about music or something. Can’t remember exactly but I woke up and had one note stuck in my head. I said, “Hey, that’s a D…” I tested it out on the piano and I was right and very surprised.
I had the dream 2 days ago and I still remember the note as if it were a color. My teacher even tested me. He was as surprised as me.

I have no idea how this happened. Apparently you can’t learn perfect pitch and have to be born with it because note is only registered to short-term memory and not long-term memory like colors, but this might just be a way!

So, maybe someone could try learning perfect pitch in a LD? Reprogram you brain to remember notes like colors.

No way! I’ve always wanted perfect pitch. Next LD, that is on the top of the list.

Wow; that’s amazing, Wyvern! Unfortunately for me, I know absoultely nothing about music; I really wish that I could have learned how to read it, at least. I don’t understand it too well, only a little bit from my seventh grade chorus class. :bored:

As for learning this technique in a dream, how can one go about doing this? For you, this had seemed to happen spontaneously - there didn’t seem to be a method involved. In that case, what if someone willingly wanted to learn Perfect Pitch? Wouldn’t they have to make an effort and convince their subconscious that they will have it in a lucid dream? You were just one of the lucky ones.

Well, maybe you could wear headphones playing a scale saying all the notes or ask your subconcious to remember the notes.

I’m just shooting out ideas here.

I’ll try to figure out a method tonight. Hopefully my excitement will keep me awake.

I guess I’m dredging up kinda old topics, but I find this very interesting. I have good relative pitch, but I’ve always wanted to train myself to learn perfect pitch. Maybe if my LDs become more frequent I can try experimenting too.
On a related note, does anyone know if the frequency of tinnitus changes, depending on blood pressure/heart rate/etc? If not, I think I can use that as a trick. A bit slow and difficult, but it would work. (assuming it does work)

No i don’t know, but wouldnt that only work if either:

  1. you had permanent tinitus
  2. you wanted to give yourself temporary tinitus on command

My chorus teacher was just talking about perfect pitch today. Odd…

I have perfect pitch with about 40% accuracy. 8.3% would be unskilled, by chance, so i am partially talented in that area.

(8.33333333% is 100% divided by 12 notes)

I can tell the C# no problem most of the time, as it is the first note of Guns ‘n’ Roses’ Sweet Child O Mine.

And A is the first note in highway to hell-acdc :wink:

ANd Im pretty good at a :wink:

ANywyas , It is an interesting idea , to lkearn something from a lucid dream

Hi ! i once had a Lucid dream of me playing the piano trying to memorize pitches. I played a C major scale from c to g , then i woke up and thought of a C and sung it then i checked with the piano and i was in tune, so i think i could learn perfect pitch in a dream!. Have you lost your ability to recall pitches?!!.

Thank you for necro-ing a 10 year old thread. I find this really interesting. How has your recall of notes been since then?

And do you have musical training? Looking at the topic skeptically, I’d have to wonder how many people without musical training have perfect pitch and just never realize (in that case, a dream could reveal the talent, perhaps).

I also doubt OP’s claim is true that perfect pitch can’t be learned. While it is true that many people can’t learn.

Learning perfect pitch in LD’s? Sounds pretty~
Learning perfect pitch through dreams could be worth trying, but only if you LD regularly.
Which would not be the case for me, sad me. haha

By the way, you here to Selkie? Seem that I see you everywhere now haha. :grin:
So do you play an instrument? Experience training your pitch?

For some people, having frequent lucid dreams is something that they are able to train themselves to do. I’ve seen it happen. Lack of natural ability or whatever accident allows for “natural” LDers can be overcome with effort in many cases. You’ve only been trying for a month or so??? That’s far too early to think that you can’t have frequent lucid reams.

Also, while easier in a lucid dream, it could even be possible to learn a skill like perfect pitch in a non-lucid.

Because I’ve been using my LDs to have precognitive dreams to stalk you in the future. :razz:

Nah, I’m just trying to jump in with both feet. I figure the more I talk about and obsess about dreams, the more I’ll recall and the better my dreams will be.

To answer your question, I’m not a musician. I had music lessons as a kid and like to entertain the idea that I can learn guitar and occasionally play the most simple of things. I have excellent relative pitch. My husband has perfect pitch and I’ll ask him to sing G for me when I tune my guitar. He never had any music lessons. But he does have a unique kind of memory where he’ll remember odd details for years. If perfect pitch really is about long-term vs short-term memory, then I feel like there is potential to learn it from a dream.

Here’s an article about a study that showed that adults can learn perfect pitch.

Check this out: Lucid experiements in perfect pitch.

lets start a new challenge to do this, I am new to lucid dreaming but will try sometime in the next three months; even if I can’t become entirely lucid I can still implant the idea before sleep.