I lost my parrot

Now, I dont think I really want this to be a subject of a discussion or anything really, but I have nowhere else and nobody else to tell it to, and I fucking have to now.

I lost my parrot yestrday. Its an African Gray baby (3 years old) and I so much love her.I had her from when she was born and was taking care of her for 3 years. She speaks and answers to questions. She is the sweetest thing in the world and she is gone now.
I have been searching for her the whole days, putting ads on local shops, walking through fields and woods and so on. Calling her, but cant find her :sad: She is out there probably without any water and food, chances are that she hurt herself and cant move.
And even if someone finds her, he might not return her, as this type of parrot is very expensive, especially when they speak. People=Bastards!

I am on the border of colapsing from all the pain in my heart, its as if I lost a child. Its the biggest pain I ever felt. And I want to fucking die, for not preventing this to happen.

Its crazy, I am a philosophical person, who sees my life always from outside and am always using my life philosophies to help me out of my misery, but this with Mibi (her name) is just too much and all philosophy is useles.
I wonder how people who lost their child fight with this. My doc wanted to give me fucking untidepressants, and was acting as If I was exagerating my problem.

My fucking ex called me with some poor help of how sorry he feels…and I can feel in his voice how dishonest he is about it, so I just feel even worse after any given support.

I have nobody else to tell it to, and the only reason I can speak about it here, is that I dont know personally any of you. SO if you think that I am crazy for crying over a parrot, then I couldnt care less really. I cant feel any worse anyway at this stage.
Well yeah thats it.

I don’t know what to type, but I just had to tell you that my thoughts will be with you. Anyone who owns a pet will have a slight idea of what you are going through.

/me hugs Hradska

i can totally relate to you Hradska, I really do hope she is found and returned to you. Take care, hang in there,

I hope your parrot is ok, Hradska,I know how you feel, but don’t worry too much give it some time OK…maybe it’s just getting frisky cause it’s springtime

Perfectly normal to be upset (parrots are quite intelligent creatures). Depending on where you live the parrot should be fine. It is very common for parrots to escape, most likely it is nearby. I once lost a parrot I was baby-sitting, some neighbors a few blocks away quickly returned it.

Do you live in a rural area or urban?

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hey guys! Thank you so much everybody! We just got her back an hour ago! She got atracted to people walking by a forest (she landed on men! Which is typicaly normal for her hehe) and they caught her. (Its crazy, because I was searching for her in that place as well…)
She slept 2 nights outside and one in a foreign place of her savious.
She is very weak and sleepy and is resting now. :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

I am so happy! I didnt hope for it anymore. My heart was just so empty and life sense less…
I am soooooooooooo happy! :mrgreen: :cheer: :beer:

I will post her picture soon! :smile:

I had my fingers crossed when i clicked onto this topic … hoping you had got her back.

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Congratulations, Hradska!

I was a little distraught when I read your thread, because I can understand just how upsetting something like this would be. I’m so glad to see that it worked out all right. :grin:

:cry: I cry with joy!!! I am very happy for you Hradska. No doubt she missed you just as much as you did her.

Welcome home, Mibi!!!

:woot: i’m so happy for you hdraska :happy: congratulations! :cheer:

I am so glad that you found your bird. I can share your joy at finding your pet and your distress when you lost him/her. I am a bird person too. I have Jardine Parrots, Tieals and parakeets.(I used to have a lot more birds) I think birds are right up there in the top 5 of greatest pets. Actually, I think they are one of the greatest pets. I do not know what I would do if I lost my Jardine.

I am just happy that you found your African Gray. :smile: :clap: :beer: :thumbs: :cloud9: :cheer:

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I’m so happy for you Hradska!

I’m relieved to hear the parrot is back. :colgate: :cool:

Hey everybody!
Thank you so much again! I am really really happy that she is back.
She still seems a bit traumatised by her nights outside, but I am taking a good care of her, and am spending loads of time with her, so she can recover from her shock!
As soon as she gets better, I will post a picture of the baby! :happy:))

Hugiieesss to all of you! :smile:

Cheers to your parrot’s return!!!

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