I love FLYING!

Flying. My favorite thing to do, and many others as well. This thread is designed to aid in that attempt to conquer gravity. There have been many threads similar. I’m hoping to make this one different… better.

My dream last night inspired me. For many days/nights I have sat outside looking at my neighboring houses circled around my culdesac and I decided I want that place to be my “landing base”. Well on 8/24 I conquered just that. It was my friend and I. MY lucidity was partial, more than likely due to poor recall, rather than a low level. I was practicing how to fly, remembering a post I read. Trying to fall and “miss” the ground. You will either fall slowly, or maintain a slight hover. I recall just jumping back and floating in a hamic ocnstructed of air. I was flapping my arms gaining height. And repeatedly trying to fall and “miss” the ground.

I posted this on rugbyelite13’s thread on lucid dreaming “muscles”:

It’s kind of like this gift card I saw once that said, “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly” :tongue:

But, I recently found a way to fly much faster. I used to have quite a bit of trouble figuring out how to fly fast. So I just turned myself into someone who usually flies fast (Serafina Pekkala, from His Dark Materials.) Instead of trying to adopt a technique, I just take on the form of a character who can do it well.

I used to think that… that, or turning into a bird, or creating a magic carpet, broomstick, or jet pack to fly with was frivolous-- but, actually, they make for a very powerful suggestion!

Ahhh, flying… :dream:
It’s something I’ve done (and loved) in dreams ever since I can remember.
Personally, I fly with wings (NDs only) or, usually, I just focus on flying (I’m awesome at this!).
I still want to try transformations and perfect my “superman style” flying.

Hovering is another story… Usually I just sort of fly (on wings) in place. Haven’t tried to do it in an LD.

I actually have a love/hate relationship with flying :sad: Sometimes it feels great and I like it, but many times I get that feeling you get when you drive down a hill in a car at a certain speed. You know, that falling feeling, the tickling in your stomach. And most of the times I don’t find that pleasent :neutral:

I end up always trying to fly anyway :lol: