I love my pillow

I wanted to see how many other members share a love for their pillow.

I love my pillow. I can’t even tell you how long I’ve had it. It’s been washed so many times and the casing has been changed several times as well. There practically isn’t much left to the inside. I am very protective of it too.

I have a total of 4 pillows on my bed, two share my bed when I’m ready to sleep and only one is the love of my life. :peek: My kids laugh at me and always crack jokes about it. They say things like “mom, that really isn’t a pillow anymore.”

All I know is that it always makes me comfortable at night. Whether I’m squeezing the be-jesus out of it or just laying recalling my dreams. I love my pillow.

I’d like to know more about your pillow(s). Do you use any? If so, how many? If not, why not? Do you have a favorite? Why? Is it the texture? The comfort? etc… And of course, do you love your pillow?

Haha, interesting topic! :smile:
I typically have four pillows on my bed, but use only one. The one I have used the most (and the longest), is a rather skinny pillow, and isn’t really the “comfiest” pillow out there, but i got used to it. Recently though, I had the urge for poofier pillow, and (because I am now a bit too tall for my bed! :happy: ) I have removed two of the four pillows from my bed.
These last few nights I have just used the “poofy” pillow and leave the skinny pillow on my bed. I don’t necessarily love my pillows, but they are rather comfy. I still have to get used to this second pillow though.

Haha I remember when I was younger I used to have a favorite pillow, and I carried it everywhere around the house when I was on vacations. But I don’t have it anymore, I left it at a hotel we went to in a school trip :sad:

And now, I just sleep with one pillow, but theres nothing special about it :sad:

I always hug my pillow!!!

I hate my pillow ! It’s not that soft. In fact it’s not soft at all. It’s a big old pillow with, I believe rocks inside of it, instead of flakes. I need to buy softer pillows, this one I have now is so hard that if I don’t fall asleep within 15 minutes, my ear which I’m laying on start to hurt. And it’s the only one I have in this whole house :grrr: . I can’t sleep without a pillow under my head, or else I would sleep directly on the bed.

I envy you guys for loving your pillows.

Aww… I hope you find a good pillow soon Don Anonymous.

Thanks for sharing everyone! I totally expected more members to post but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far :happy:

Cute topic, Iluminada.

I currently have two pillows on my bed, both of which are not particularly comfy on their own, but combined, they make quite a team.

When I go to sleep, I lie on my stomach, and I tilt them at such an angle where I could hug them, and rest my head comfortably, until I drift off into a dream.

Rocks? :eh: , wow I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard something like that in my entire life :tongue:

I truly hope that too. I couldn’t sleep last night for 2 definite reasons:

  1. I taught too much about LD’ing, entering the dream consciously and about that pulling sensation, focusing too much on them which didn’t let me sleep.
  2. I had to roll over every 5 minutes because my ear on which I was lying on hurt awful and turned red. Why ? Because of my pillow.

Oh, and those mornings when my neck hurts awful because of the pillow and of the bad position I lay in bed (I’m not good at all at choosing a comfy position in bed) are the most painful experiences ever.

Now I shared my sad pillow-experiences with everyone. This topic brings pain back to my neck. It’s only my pillow’s fault !

I can’t sleep with a pillow. It feels suffocating. The only pillow that is allowed into my bed is a small red car-shaped one that fits perfectly under my head when reading in bed. :cool:

It would be impossible to sleep without my duvet, though. It has to cover of completely from my toes to my nose…and most important, cover my mouth!

Thanks! I try

:rofl: I love how you stated this!

Well, I can’t sleep without a pillow and I also can’t sleep without a blanket or sheet on me. But… not covering my mouth

Well, technically, I have 8 pillows on my bed. Not intentionally of course, it’s just that everyone seems to think that my bed is pillow storage. It’s been like this for so long that I’ve arranged them in a certain way with two small ones in the back, a body pillow in the center with a small pillow on that, two pillows on either side and one in the middle. And an extra one that’s just useless altogether. Honestly, I just need the one body pillow, but I’m starting to get attached to the other ones so I really need to make an arrangement for a new pillow storage location soon.

Body Pillow looks so cool!!! It’s fun huggin a pillow, it’s relaxing :happy:

Interesting topic. I have a pillow on my bed that I have used since I was only about 5 or so. It has seen 3 different beds starting with a bunk bed I had when I was little. I always sleep on it, its almost hard to sleep without it. I have 4 on my bed and I sleep with a big fluffy one under my old one and the other 2 are next to me sitting along the wall, I use them if I want to sit up in bed and lean against the wall. I love my pillow though, over the years it has gotten a lot smaller and its not nearly as soft as it once was but I still cannot sleep well without it. First post for me by the way,woo!

Haha, this is an awesome topic! :happy:

I use two pillows. I’m not very personal or protective of either of them…
One has a very soft blue case that I’ve had since I was little. The case used to be on this really old, beat-up, thin pillow that I called my “hugging pillow”–I would hug it tightly while I slept.
The other case is darker, smoother and newer. I don’t like it nearly as much…it’s just not very soft and comforting, so I usually like to sleep on the other one.
Most of the time I just use both pillows stacked on top of each other, but occassionally I sleep on one and hug the other.

But I love pillows in general!

Yeah me to. I bought a new pillow two weeks ago that is a memory foam, and i literally fall asleep within 2 minutes every single night now

i find it difficult for me to find a good pillow :meh:

My favorite pillow is a black one that reminds me of a cat I had a long time ago, it helps me to sleep better if I have something that reminds me how things used to be :cool:

I understand kayfire, believe me, I understand :content:

PS: Still no good pillow - I believe it’s one of the problems why WILD isn’t working for me anymore :meh: