I love wild (sleep vibrations real or in head)

I have tried wild a number of thime but with out much success untill a couple of days ago itryed it a slipped into 4 lucid dreams
I have a question though on my last dream i used thr plug your nose reality check and it felt wierd and then i had sleep vibrations and my dream body and real body were drifting back together my question is are sleeep vibrations phiscally happening or is it in your head :confused:

When WILDing, the vibrations are physically happening. But it seems these happened in a dream (so past the stage where the vibrations occur in), so possibly they were in your head. Did you wake up after the nose plug RC?
And please try some punctuation next time, your post is hard to read like this.

in head.

the vibrations come when you are switching from being aware of the physical body to being aware of the dream/astral body, but because you are WILDing the dream body is located exactly where the physical one is, so while transitioning into a dream you experience paralysis, then the creation of the body.

whether this involves real abilities to “leave” the body and enter an objective reality is up for you/us to figure out, and it’s a very good question

but even if a complete hallucination, the vibrations are because your mind is creating and phasing you into a replica of the physical body, while you are still in the physical body, and the buffer zone between the two is very psychedelic and weird.

the brain releases DMT to produce dreams and DMT is a very powerful hallucinagen, so no it’s not like the physical body is shaking like that.